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Descendant relationship announcement

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We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now working with Descendant! This relationship will allow us both to expand and develop, while continuing to maintain our separate products. What is “Descendant”, anyway? A generation’s hopes and dreams. The future. The one and only. A wild thrillride you’ll never forget. Okay so maybe that’s …

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Privacy – easy ways of increasing it


With all the advertising, analytics, telemetry, and data selling online, sometimes it’s hard to have decent privacy. You can try to ditch FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), but even if you do succeed then you sacrifice quite a lot. Here, we’ll share our tips for increasing your privacy, and software you can use. Word …

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Font Manager 3.0.2 release notes

These are the release notes for Font Manager 3.0.2, the second stable release of the 3.0.x series. This is mainly a bugfix release, addressing a few typos and fixing a couple edge case compatibility issues. Changelog for Font Manager Fix some typos Address compatibility issues Fix for ROMs with nonstandard fonts Code formatting Block usage …

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Font Manager 3.x stable series is here!

It has been an exciting set of beta releases! Thanks to user feedback and all of our testers, public and internal! Without everyone involved, this release wouldn’t have been possible. Font Manager 3.0.1 is here at last, and it comes packed with a whole host of new features, improvements, and increased compatibility. In addition, we’ve …

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Font Manager is out in beta!

Font Manager 3.x is the continuation of FontRevival 1.x and Fontifier 2.x Font Manager includes over two hundred fonts, all hand edited to suit your android device, and a selection of emojis, all available within an easy to navigate terminal interface. In order to use Font Manager, simply download from the link below and install …

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Webview Manager 8 is out in stable channel!

About time! Today we’re please to announce the first stable in the 8.x series, as well as the first stable fully published by the team at Androidacy! This is the new, revamped module that used to be known as either Webview Switcher or Bromite Systemless Webview. Based on user feedback, we’ve made some changes, some …

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