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Welcome to Androidacy, your premier online platform for Android customization and development. Established in 2018, we have garnered millions of monthly visitors, all united by a common goal: to unlock the full potential of their Android devices. Unlike traditional corporations, we are an online business powered by a vibrant community of users, not investors. Our core values center around user experience, device control, quality apps, and fostering a thriving developer ecosystem.

Our Ethos

We believe that your device belongs to you, not to Google or any other corporation. This ethos fuels our commitment to empowering root users, enthusiasts, and everyday Android users to take control of their devices. We are not just an online business; we are a community-driven initiative that champions innovation, flexibility, and user-centric solutions in the dynamic tech landscape.

Customization and Control

Our platform specializes in offering unmatched device control and customization through rigorously tested and community-approved Magisk modules, apps, and more. These modules simplify the Android customization process, transforming what could be intricate personalization tasks into straightforward, user-friendly experiences. Our repository is adaptable and supports compatibility with new frameworks, including KernelSU, which enables advanced device customization at the kernel level.

Quality Apps

Quality is non-negotiable at Androidacy. Each application we develop is meticulously tested and designed with a profound understanding of user requirements. Our apps offer robustness, efficiency, and security, going beyond mere functionality to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to our users’ diverse needs.

Developer Empowerment

We are deeply committed to nurturing a symbiotic relationship between developers and users. Our Downloads Center serves as a platform for developers to share their innovative creations with a wider audience. Here, developers can benefit from advantageous upload terms and revenue-sharing opportunities, all while contributing to a richer, more versatile Android ecosystem.

Community-Driven Innovation

Our beta programs offer an exclusive opportunity for community members to be at the forefront of Android customization tools and features. By participating, you not only gain early access to revolutionary tools like Font Manager, WebView Manager, and Androidacy Module Manager v3, but you also become an integral part of the development process, influencing future releases.

Join the Androidacy Community

We invite you to join our community platforms on Telegram and Reddit, where like-minded individuals share insights, tips, and groundbreaking ideas. For an enhanced experience, consider our Premium subscription, which offers an ad-free interface, circumvents download restrictions, and unlocks exclusive app features.


At Androidacy, we are committed to redefining the Android experience, making it more accessible, customizable, and user-centric than ever before. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Your device, your rules.

Thank you for choosing Androidacy. Your journey towards an unparalleled Android experience starts here.

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