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This is the Androidacy Font Previewer. Tryout, preview, and request your favorite fonts and emoji sets right here in your browser. All fonts listed here are available in Font Manager, the premier font and emoji tool for Android 7+, and coming to desktops soon.

Interested in making a font request? Check the table below, and try a quick search. If we don’t have your font, use the form below the table to request it!

Font Previewer notes

Keep in mind, this Font Previewer is primarily tested in modern Chrome and chromium-based browsers. Other browsers such as older Firefox have limits that may or may not impact usage of this page. Internet Explorer is not supported, as Microsoft has announced its end-of-life (EOL).

Click on the font or emoji name to get a preview. Use the search to see if a font or emoji is available, and the form below to request it if it’s not.


Have a font or emoji set you want added to this list?

Fill out the form below to make a request!

For bug reports regarding this font previewer, head on over to our contact page. This page, the libraries used on it, and the associated magisk module are copyright and proprietary to Androidacy unless otherwise noted. Fonts are generally assumed to be under the Open Font License (OFL) unless the author explicitly states otherwise.

9 Comments on “Font Previewer”

  • Awez


    The font Atkinson Hyperlegible is currently broken, could you please update the files? The text appears as blank on Android. Thanks

  • Androidacy Admin


    You need to make sure you’re using the latest versions (>5.5.6) available from our modules repository!

  • Jason


    Awesome module! It seems bold fonts aren’t working? Anyway to debug?

  • Vladi69


    Dear dev,
    great job!
    I like this magisk module, easy solution to manage and customize android fonts.
    Could you please add the code for any font in the preview to run in the Terminal emulator?

  • John


    Lock screen clock with Google Sans has bugs, can you fix it please?

  • Douglas


    Google Sans font is missing some characters. Please fix. I’m using Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 11

  • Anton


    Good job

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