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Instructions: The download button opens a dialogue window allowing you to view information about, review, report, or download a module from the magisk modules repo. The book button shows the README of the module. The search bar can search by name, codenames, authors, and is case insensitive.

Are you seeing an error alert? If so, please refresh the page before reporting issues. A subset of our users report that the web app only works on second load. We’re troubleshooting the issue. Update: issue should be resolved!

Want to see your module on our Magisk Modules Repo? As a result of being on our repo, you will get access to our exclusive audience of over 21 million users1, automatic update handling, and you can earn money for your work2. To apply, fill out an application. If you need support or hit a bug head to our contact info page


Unless otherwise stated, modules on the Magisk Modules Repo are not authored nor created by Androidacy. Modules are developed by and copyright the original developers. Some modules are from the original Magisk Modules Repository and may not be up to date. Module files are the original from the developers, and are not necessarily endorsed or created by Androidacy. Androidacy reserves the right to add, remove, modify, and otherwise handle these modules as we see fit, without notice to the users or developers. Developers may request their module to be removed so long as they are provably the original developer. To request removal of a module, please contact us.

1Estimate as of January 2022. Data from Cloudflare, Google Analytics, and Ezoic combined and averaged out to factor for bots and spam.

2Must meet minimum traffic and downloads requirements. Remember, we constantly review modules for eligibility and will notify you once you’re eligible. Because of that, there’s no need to contact us about this, and contacting us will not get you in the program sooner. We reserve the right to terminate revenue sharing at any time for any reason.

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