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Welcome to the most comprehensive Magisk Modules Repository on the web.

We proudly offer a wide selection of top-quality, vetted Magisk modules, all virus-checked for your safety. Our expert team and community review each module, and user reports help maintain a clean repository. Our easy-to-navigate web-based repository also has an app for convenience.

But it gets even better.

With a premium membership at Androidacy, you can unlock an array of additional features, enhancing your Magisk modules journey even further. We pride ourselves on providing the best magisk modules alternative repository in the business!

Our Magisk Modules Repository wants your modules!

Developers seeking a wide audience and the potential to monetize* their work can apply to include their modules in our repository. Join us at Androidacy in our mission to create the top Magisk Modules Repository and improve the Android experience.

Magisk Modules Repository


Although we endeavor to fortify and secure our Magisk Modules repository, we disclaim any responsibility for damages resulting from its utilization, and offer no warranty for any included software. Our repository amalgamates content from diverse sources, including voluntary submissions. Authors wishing to request content removal must provide evidence of exclusive code ownership and can do so at While authors maintain copyright, they grant us extensive rights over their software, encompassing its usage, alteration, and commercialization. We possess an exclusive, irrevocable privilege, without an obligation, to manage, modify, and monetize content across our repository, applications, and websites. Our application, website, and API, © 2023 to present Androidacy, should not be exploited beyond our stated intention without written authorization. All rights reserved.

* Developers must meet our specific traffic and quality criteria. We can end revenue sharing anytime without notice. We cannot discuss author eligibility queries.

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