Welcome to Androidacy.

Our story

We were originally founded by a group of android developers by the names of Daniel, Alfonso, and Alejandro back in 2017. We’ve since undergone some changes, and lost Alfonso to other pursuits, and gained Alexandria, but we still have the same passion. The passion to make Android just a bit better, day by day.

We share the same goal as you: to empower you and your Android device. To give you endless customization, and improve the things we can about android.

We’re hyper focused on improving android in every way we can. Join us on our journey!

Our foundations

In everything we do we aim to keep some things consistent. Things like:

  • Performance. Our apps and our modules are fast.
  • Secure. Everything is developed alongside a certified security analyst.
  • Hassle-free. We know you have a life, so we’ll get out of your way, and just do what you need.
  • Free. Free as in freedom, all of our software is open source, allowing you to modify as you wish for personal purposes.
  • Community driven. We’re funded by, powered by, and directed by our users.

Our Magisk Modules

Magisk is a modular root framework, and as such very extendible. We’ve worked hard to create modules that suits your needs. Here’s a couple.


Webview Manager

The one stop module for debloating and replacing your stock webview or browser. Ditch Google’s for Ungoogled, Bromite, or original Chromium. Stop messing with your system partition in dangerous ways and upgrade to a better way!

font manager

Font Manager

The one and only module you need for endless fonts and emojis customization! Supporting the removal and replacement of stock fonts and emojis, along with 300+ choices for replacements, this module is truly the best in it’s class. Stop managing several modules and upgrade to Font Manager now!

Our apps

Coming soon!

We’re planning on app releases of our current modules and more!

Our services

We host and/or develop a host of available services! Check out some of them below.



A drop-in reimplementation of the Bitwarden server in Rust, it has none of the usual paywalls. Faster, free, and a better password manager.



We’re proud to host an instance of Gitea. Gitea is yet another Git server implementation, but done right! Written totally in Go, it’s memory safe and fast.


Downloads 2.0

Our revamped downloads experience!

Let us know if there’s any bugs, it’s still in beta. Free downloads are throttled at 2MB/s currently (this may change in the future) and paid downloads require you to back us at $3 or more on our Patreon and link your account.

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Androidacy API

The backend for all of our apps and modules.

Documentation and third party integrations coming soon!

Supporting us

We need every bit of support we can get. We’re powered by and funded by our users, but servers and CDNs get costly, fast. Here’s a few things you can do to support us:

  • Share our site. Get out the word about us and our projects.
  • Disable any AdBlock. Our primary source of income is money we get from AdSense.
  • Donate to us. Find out how on this page. If you link your account after subscribing, you can disable ads, get access to fast downloads, access early alpha releases of software, and get support directly from us!

Latest news and updates