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Android, made better. Welcome!

Hello! Team at Androidacy here. We’ve been doing android for almost three years now, and we’ve gotten good at it. That’s what we’re told anyway. You may decide for yourself.

We develop many things, including Magisk modules, maintaining ROMs, and more to come soon™️.

To keep up to date, be sure to visit our blog. We’ll post updates, reviews, opinions, and more. Contact us about anything you feel should be posted!

Things we use and you should too

Magisk and magisk modules

Magisk is a system-less root method for an unlocked android device. By system-less, we of course mean it does not touch the /system, /vendor, or /product partitions (those are required to have a functioning device!). Root is higher level access to a device than a normal user, meaning you can modify things the OEM has blocked you from modifying. Magisk modules are install-able zips that can be flashed to provide some really cool tweaks, a couple of which we develop! We currently develop multiple magisk modules for theming, privacy and more.

Android ROM

Android ROMs are custom firmware flashed to an Android device. Now, I’m sure some of you out there are like “those are dangerous”, and this is simply not true. Quite often custom ROMs merge security patches sooner than OEMs, and include patches OEMs do not. They perform better most of the time, and can usually be tweaked to your hearts’ desire.

See below for some that we develop with more coming soon.

Custom recovery

Custom recoveries on most Android devices are customized versions of your recovery (stock recovery only allows factory reset and sometimes updating – boring!). They can usually flash ROMs, manage files, flash other mods, and more! They are a very handy thing to have around.

We maintain several. Check the list below!

Support & Contact

Links to the discord, telegram, and contact form are below. Please be aware our discord group is largely unchecked.

Details are on the contact page:

Our projects

For support with any of these, check the Support & Contact section. They may have an XDA thread, but please be aware XDA is only used for announcements and inconsistently at that.

All of our projects are available exclusively from our downloads site, unless otherwise stated.

Webview Manager for Android – Magisk

webview manager android

Magisk module to change your WebView and browser to something more privacy respecting on Android. The available choices are faster, more secure, and has enhanced privacy features

A WebView handles rendering web content in non web browser apps (for example, email apps, google app, play store app).

This module is the successor to and replacement of many separate modules, and was created to make webview and default browser switching easy!

V9 was designed from the ground up for ease of use, performance, and security. Check out the release notes in our blog posts!

Font Manager for Android – Magisk

font manager android

The new and best way to theme every font and emoji! Simply download and install, then follow the instructions to select one of over 300 fonts and emoji!

Compatible with all devices and most recent ROMs. Some apps may not respect system emoji set.

You can leave your single font modules at home. Forget Font Magic or Dave’s Super Font Installer blablabla. You’ve got the real font and emoji management power. Right here.

V4 is easier than ever to use! Check out our blog posts for release notes and updates.

MagiskFixes for android – Magisk

A collection of fixes for Magisk on various devices.

Helps with GSI, Pixel, and motorola incompatibility with Magisk. Things like root prompt not popping up are addressed.

Please note that only the issues reported to us can potentially be fixed! Head to the Support & Contact section to find out how to report them.

Download from the filehost! The module is deprecated and no longer updated, along with loss of support, but the download is still available.

Havoc-OS android ROM – Motorola Z3 Play

Not official but fully functional!

A custom ROM/firmware for the Motorola Z3 Play boasting a wide selection of features and tweaks to enhance your android experience. Everyone’s sure to find what they want in Havoc!

Everything should work, but some Moto Mods may have issues.

Please note this is only sporadically maintained now.

PitchBlack Recovery for OnePlus 7 Pro

A custom recovery, with a unique UI and handy tools, built to enhance your android experience. Includes useful things like Magisk installer and uninstaller, app manager, and Magisk module manager. Even can remove problematic substratum overlays!

These are official builds.

Due to changes in android 11, the update to support it will take awhile.

Gitea instance

A source code hosting platform made around usability for everyone. Highly functional and easy to use, wherever you go with a mobile friendly interface. Personally we prefer it over Github because it’s free to self host, and has less clutter.

May in the future be used to host source code for Androidacy. Sign-ups welcome.

Tor relay

A Tor Relay is part of the decentralized Tor Network, an effort to combat censorship and promote internet freedom. It’s used for things like journalists in mainland China, and people fighting oppressive regimes.

No longer in operation

Bitwarden Vault

Bitwarden is an open source, audited platform for end to end encrypted (e2e) password, note, login, and bank details storage and sync. Everything uses zero knowledge encryption, not even we can see what you save. It’s just that secure.

Bitwarden site is This implementation is based on bitwarden_rs (

Sign-ups are welcome. Premium is active. Email notifications sometimes work.