Because Android Deserves Better.

What We Do

Three years of experience

Androidacy has been doing Android software for our users since 2018.


With the exception of entirely optional add-ons, all of our software is free.

Quality Code

All of our code is battle tested before hitting our users, and checked for bugs and security issues.

Powered by our users

We take our users seriously, incorporating their feedback and being supported by them.


About Us

We get you the Android customization you seek. Not the bloat.

Androidacy has been creating Android software since 2018, and we’ve only gotten better at it. Everything we do is crafted to provide you the best possible experience, from our ever expanding modules library, to our apps, and the Androidacy Modules Repository.

Come join us on our mission to make your device truly yours, in your own unique way.

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Why Choose Us?

Because we do it for you. Not our shareholders, because we don’t have any.

Androidacy is 100% user backed and supported. From always monitoring user feedback, to incorporating user suggestions in our products, to being only supported by advertising and our Patrons, we have crafted our team around the principle that we should be beholden to our users, not the money.

With our software, you are front and center. No matter the customization or your setup, we got something for you.

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Our Projects – Android and more

What we have currently

Font Manager

Font Manager is your one-stop shop for all your font and emoji customization needs, with over 300 choices and counting!

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WebView Manager

The hands-down best way to replace the stock WebView and browser with one of your choice, with six possibilities and counting.

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Telegram community

We have a telegram community full of like minded users like yourself.

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Vaultwarden is a completely free alternative to Bitwardent hat is compatible with all upstream clients.

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Gitea is an open source Go git server, an ideal alternative to GitHub and future home of our open source software.

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Modules Repository

A one-stop shop for the best and brightest Magisk Modules. With advanced search, on-site README viewing, and more, you can easily find your favorites and even apply for yours to be added!

Let’s go!

Our Plans for Android

We’ve got big things coming! Here’s a quick snapshot of our future plans.

Whether your locked and stock or rooted and unlocked is none of your apps business, and this is the best way to keep it that way.

Androidacy Hide

The best app for managing your Android fonts and emojis. Will eventually replace Font Manager.

new project 37 [e84b894]


The best app to change WebView and browser, to eventually replace WebView Manager.

new project 38 [f5ca36f]


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