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FoxMMM: Your Ultimate Magisk Module Manager

Welcome to FoxMMM, the one-stop solution for managing your Magisk modules on your Android device. With FoxMMM, you can effortlessly download, install, search, and interact with Magisk modules and their repositories. Our app is designed to help you get the most out of your device with powerful little mods that plug into the Magisk framework.

FoxMMM Repositories: Unlock the Power of Magisk Modules

FoxMMM supports “repositories” or “repos” – collections of Magisk modules that are approved by the repo owners. With a variety of repos available, you can easily customize your device with an array of powerful mods.

Androidacy Repo: Security, Quality, and Support for Authors

The Androidacy repo is one of the two included repos in FoxMMM. It features a stringent review process for module acceptance and updates, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality mods. In addition, the Androidacy repo provides module reviews, stats for authors, and even pays authors through its Revenue Sharing Program.

For added security, the Androidacy repo displays VirusTotal results for all Magisk module zips, along with other value-added features to keep your device safe and protected.

Magisk Alt Repo: More Modules, Fewer Restrictions

The Magisk Alt repo offers a more relaxed approach to module selection. With fewer restrictions and an emphasis on variety, you’ll find an abundance of modules to choose from, allowing you to customize your device to your heart’s content.

FoxMMM also supports custom repos that follow the JSON spec outlined in the developer docs.

Easy Navigation: Installed, Online, and Settings Tabs

FoxMMM features a simple and intuitive interface with three main tabs:

  • Installed Modules: Manage your current modules with ease.
  • Online Modules: Explore modules from various repos, including the Androidacy repo and Magisk Alt repo.
  • Settings: Configure the app to suit your preferences.

Seamless Installation and Updates with FoxMMM

Installing new modules or updating existing ones has never been easier. FoxMMM allows you to install zips from storage through the app or by opening any zip file from a file manager. You can also ignore updates on a per-module and per-module-version basis while taking advantage of background update checks for modules.

Material Design 3 and Kotlin Support

This app is fully compatible with Material Design 3 (MD3) on all Android versions, providing a sleek and modern user experience. We are currently in the process of migrating the app fully to Kotlin for improved performance and development efficiency.

Get Started with FoxMMM Today

Ready to enhance your Android experience with the power of Magisk modules? Download the app now at and stay tuned for more documentation and updates.

Join the FoxMMM community and unlock the full potential of your device with ease!

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