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We're Androidacy

Since 2017, we've been deeply invested in improving your Android experience. In our top class magisk modules, to the ROMs we have maintained, we have served the community as it should be: for free and for the community by the community.

We've grown along the way, but never lost our focus and our mission.

Android done right

About Us

What makes us tick, and how we tick

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Working Together, to build great projects.


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We develop great things for the greatest platform: Android. From fonts customization, to default changing, to brand new ROMs, we've got your needs covered.

And the stats show our users stand with us, because we listen to them and are 100% user funded.


Going beyond just an accent change, we give you the tools to make your device truly yours.


Our solutions are engineered to be cross device compatible - no more questioning if this works on device X!

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Speed and simplicity

Drop the rocket science degree, and leave time wasting at the door. Everything is as easy as we can make it, and designed to do what you need and get out of the way.


Compatibility with android oreo and newer.

Designed for growth

We're ever growing and we've designed our infrastructure to support that.

Ease of use

Easy for everyone to use, because customization shouldn't be hard.

Best at what we do

Our modules are some of the most downloaded and highest rated.

Our flagship projects

Font Manager

Font Manager is the premiere font customization solution for Android. With over 300 choices to choose from, an easy to use interface,  and absolutely no cruft, the new Font Manager was designed for the users by the users.

Font Manager is the most popular font manager Magisk Module, surpassing the older modules and the singular font modules, even including over 14 sets of emojis.

All fonts are previewable on our Font Previewer page, and downloads are available from our Downloads page.

new project 37 [e84b894]

WebView Manager

WebView Manager is a must have for those looking to replace the stock and often slow, ugly, or otherwise lacking browser and/or WebView. In Android, the WebView is the component of the system that is used in all apps that render content from the web in any way. A couple famous apps that use a WebView are Capital One Mobile, Google app, GMail, and many others.

Having a good, up to date WebView is essential for the performance and usability of your device, and WebView Manager gives you the power to make it just that. With nine potential combinations, and more in the works, the possibilities are endless - but not so endless you can't navigate them. Head to the Downloads page to grab it now!

new project 38 [f5ca36f]
new project 37 [e84b894]

We've got big things coming!

And trust us, you won't want to miss any of them.

Stay tuned on our Blog for more information about each of these.

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Androidacy Modules Repo

A collection of curated, tried and tested modules (Magisk only unless enough interest is shown otherwise). Contact us if you want included.

new project 37 [e84b894]

Androidacy Hide

The root or unlock status is none of your apps business. Let's hide that from them! More details forthcoming.

new project 38 [f5ca36f]


Our in the works app replacement for WebView Manager. Still systemless, but with a nice app interface instead of zip.

new project 37 [e84b894]


The new in-house app replacement for Font Manager, with even more speed, fonts, and ease of use. We'll be looking for beta testers soon, so stay tuned!

Best of all? We're user backed.

We're powered by and funded by our users. Head to our donation page to find out how you can support us and unlock exciting benefits on our platforms!

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