This is Androidacy.

At Androidacy, we believe in the future of Android. We believe in more and better customizations, and more power to the users. With every Magisk Module, and every ROM, we embody that purpose, all without adding bloat or unnecessary clutter.

We’re a tight-knit group of developers founded in 2018, and our mission is none less than improving the Android experience. We’re powered by our community, it feeds us, builds us, and we listen to them – from feedback, bug reports, and more, we never forget who got us where we are now.

Why? Because we believe Android deserves better. Join us on our mission today, and take a look at our blog for news, updates, and more.

Font Manager

new project 37 [e84b894]

The ultimate module for font and emoji customization!

We have 300+ fonts and emojis to choose from, and are constantly adding new ones and updating old ones. Easily preview each with our Font Previewer (more information below), and switching fonts is a breeze.

It’s easy to use too – once installed, punch in su -c manage_fonts in your favorite terminal emulator, press enter, and follow the on-screen prompts!

WebView Manager

new project 38 [f5ca36f]

Your one-stop shop to change your webview and default browser.

A WebView is a core component of any Android system that non-browser apps use to display content from the web such as news feeds, shopping, and more. As key as this component is, most OEMs and ROMs give you absolutely no control over it, instead forcing you to use Google or AOSP WebView

WebView Manager changes that. With an easy installer, you can choose from any of the available options, and it’ll handle the rest.

Move Certificates

A very simple module to copy user certificates to the system store.

Often, apps like AdGuard or other filtering apps will ask you to install a certificate so they can intercept HTTPS traffic. While usually this is safe, Android will display a pesky warning and most apps still won’t trust it.

This module solves that by tricking Android into thinking the certificate is in the system store, giving it a higher level of trust.

Our flagship projects

We are constantly working on new projects, and apps, and more are in the works, but here’s what we have so far.

Magisk Modules Repository

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The Androidacy Magisk Modules Repository aims to extend and go beyond the now end-of-life official Magisk Modules Repository.

We offer search, the ability to view the README, and download all from the web app. For additional security, we also show you the checksum of each downloaded zip so you can verify it’s not been tampered with in any way.

We’re working on an app, installable on your device, with more features, but it’s not ready for a public beta yet so stay tuned!

Downloads center

The Androidacy downloads center is the one place for past and current versions of interesting third party software and our own.

The web app offers an easy to use navigation, and developers may apply for a API account to allow uploads by writing to developers@androidacy.com with a explanation of what you’d use the API for.

Androidacy does not endorse any third party content found on the web app.

Font Previewer

new project 37 [e84b894]

Our web app for previewing all the fonts and emojis that are available in Font Manager.

Featuring search, and a list of each available font or emoji, clicking on an item will bring up a preview. Works and tested in all modern browsers (except Nintendo DS browser – sorry random stack overflow user!).

Want to see an app? We’re gathering feedback, but to add to the suggestion head over to our telegram group.

Other services

Androidacy provides several other service, which don’t fall into any particular category. All are free unless stated otherwise.


Bitwarden is a free, open source, and secure password manager.

The Androidacy instance is customized for performance and based off of Vaultwarden, and all premium features are unlocked.

Use https://bw.androidacy.com for the server URL in the Bitwarden extension and apps.


A painless, fast git server with a cup of tea.

Use it for your open source project source code hosting needs.


Join a community of like minded individuals like yourself. Chat with the community, get answers from our amazing volunteers, or just lurk if that’s more your style!


We post updates, news, blog notifications, and more on our Telegram channel.


A discord server is available to our Patrons. Back us on Patreon to gain exclusive access!

Our Patreon

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We need all the help we can get to stay afloat. Servers, CDNs, and developers aren’t free even though our software is.

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