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Android 15 Developer Preview 1 Arrives – Get an Early Taste of ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’

android 15 developer preview

Android developers, it’s time to celebrate! Google has officially released the first Android 15 developer preview, codenamed “Vanilla Ice Cream.” This early release offers a fascinating preview of the new features, refinements, and developer tools in store for the platform later this year.

Keep in mind, this preview is targeted primarily at developers, providing an opportunity to test apps and give essential feedback. Normal users may experience unexpected bugs and data loss, but a more stable beta should be out in a few months!

Privacy & Security Enhancements

Android 15 looks to focus on improving privacy and security of the android platform, which is a win for everyone.

  • Privacy Sandbox Expansion: Android 15 continues to prioritize user privacy, introducing the latest Privacy Sandbox on Android APIs (SDK Extension version 10).
  • Health Data Control: Expanded Health Connect support provides new avenues for securely managing health and fitness data across apps and devices.
  • File Integrity Protection: Developers can leverage new fs-verity backed APIs to safeguard app files, preventing or tracking unintended modifications that could threaten application integrity.

Elevated User Experiences

Google has made subtle enhancemens to the user experience in this developer preview. Here are the ones we’ve spotted so far.

  • Partial Screen Sharing: Users gain more control over their privacy with the ability to share or record the content of specific app windows rather than the entire device screen.
  • Camera Enhancements: Fine-tune image capture with precise adjustments for camera preview brightness and flash intensity in both still image and torch modes, available in new CameraX APIs.
  • Enhanced MIDI Support: Music apps become more powerful with expanded Universal MIDI Packages (UMP) compatibility, making composition apps function as virtual MIDI 2.0 devices.

Essential Tools for Developers

In this android 15 developer preview, Android has added new APIs and tools for developers to use to build better apps.

  • Performance Optimization: The Android Dynamic Performance Framework (APDF) receives new power-saving modes, detailed thermal reporting, and enhanced monitoring for seamless CPU and GPU optimization.
  • OpenJDK API Availability: Google Play System Updates will make fresh OpenJDK APIs compatible with a wider range of devices (Android 12+), simplifying development with modern Java features. These APIs will be natively supported in android 15, with a GPSU update for older devices arriving soon.

Important Considerations for Android 15 Developer Preview

While we know you’re eage to try out the latest android 15 developer preview, here are some important considerations.

  • Developer-Focused: This first preview is strictly for developers. Expect some instability and be prepared for manual installation.
  • Supported Devices: Builds are available for Google Pixel 6, 7, 8 series, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet.
  • Automatic Updates: Once DP1 is installed, future Android 15 updates will arrive over-the-air for convenience.
  • QPR Beta Users: To avoid potential data wipes, Android 14 QPR Beta users should move to Android 15 DP now if so desired.
  • Android Emulator: Experiment without needing a physical Pixel device by utilizing the Android Emulator in Android Studio Jellyfish.

Additional Features in DP1

  • Keyboard Haptics Control: Get precise command over the typing experience with a dedicated toggle to manage subtle vibrations in your keyboard app.
  • Notification Cooldown: Reduce distractions with the ‘notification cooldown’ feature that automatically lowers the volume of excessive notifications from a single app.
  • Pixel Fold ‘Swipe to Continue’: The forthcoming ‘swipe up to continue’ function on the Pixel Fold promises smoother transitions after folding, letting users pick up right where they left off on the cover screen.

The Adventure Continues

Android 15 Developer Preview 1 is just the start! More exciting features are undoubtedly in the pipeline. As your devoted source for Android news, we’ll be relentlessly tracking upcoming releases, giving in-depth breakdowns, and connecting the dots for what these changes mean for you. Let’s dive into this journey together!

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