Androidacy Update February 2024: Font Manager Gets Smoother, AMM Goes Native, Plus Ecosystem Notes

Androidacy progress update

We’re pleased to provide our latest Androidacy update on the advancements underway here at Androidacy. From app updates, to website improvements, and a quick look at what’s new in the android ecosystem, here’s what you need to know.

Androidacy Update #1: Font Manager 1.9

Font Manager 1.9 is undergoing meticulous refinement to ensure compatibility and robustness in font patching, delivering a seamless experience when applying your preferred typefaces. We’re systematically addressing ANRs (App Not Responding) and related crashes to promote rock-solid stability throughout the application. App startup has been optimized to preload necessary components for a more fluid usage.

Font Manager 1.9 will also expand compatibility by supporting newer KernelSU versions (beyond 0.8.0), recognizing that this necessitates dropping support for older KernelSU iterations. We close to drop older version support to ensure we can provide a great user experience to as many users as possible. As always, we remain focused on providing the most intuitive and streamlined user experience possible.

Update 03/01: The new version, 1.9.0 has been released. Please carefully review the change notes!

Get it on Google Play when it releases.

Androidacy Update #2: AMM V3: The Native Advantage and Expanded Capabilities

In the next Androidacy update: the upcoming AMM v3 will redefine modularity on Android. While integration with recent KernelSU changes requires a slight rework and may cause some delay, the benefits are substantial. We’ve successfully built full online Repository support for effortless module discovery and installation. AMM v3 will transition entirely to native Android components, replacing WebViews for a smoother user experience and features like reviews and ratings. Reliability and privacy will be enhanced through the caching of third-party repositories.

Developers will also gain access to a powerful suite of extended APIs, enabling the creation of richer, more secure module experiences. These APIs will facilitate user interaction, installation customization, transparent root solution handling, seamless HTTP communication, and much more. AMM v3 will also introduce the ability to define dependencies and incompatibilities between modules, as well as require specific root solutions – all with minimal coding necessary.

Local module install will of course be possible and still benefit from our improvements, and we provide update JSON support for modules not otherwise updatable from a Repository.

Website & Beyond: Performance and User Experience

Our commitment to the Androidacy experience extends well beyond modules. We’ve made significant investments in optimizing our website and API infrastructure, resulting in meaningfully improved load times and overall responsiveness. You’ll also encounter subtle enhancements to the website’s UI designed to enhance navigation and usability.

We’re also rolling out support for hardware based security keys for login. Please note, if you previously had 2FA enabled you may have to re-enable it.

Please note some changes are rolling out more gradually, so don’t worry if you don’t notice anything different yet!

Important Notes on the Android Ecosystem

Person holding phone
Person holding a smartphone

Here’s a few tidbits from the rest of the ecosystem, selected by our editors.

KernelSU: Our Growing Concerns

We have decided to step back from actively recommending KernelSU as a root management solution. This decision stems from observed patterns of security neglect, bugs introduced and ultimately dismissed, and the introduction of a new JavaScript API that grants untrusted JavaScript on a web page extensive root privileges. These factors, coupled with potential future API compatibility challenges and the relative newness of KernelSU, warrant caution.

While basic KernelSU support will remain in place for the time being, major updates may ultimately necessitate the withdrawal of support. As always, we recommend using official Magisk for root.

Play Integrity: Increased Robustness

Google’s Play Integrity system continues to strengthen. It now incorporates more stringent hardware integrity checks, advanced fingerprint spoofing countermeasures, and improved modification detection, presenting a significant challenge to those attempting to bypass its safeguards. Users who try to use RCS in Google messages may also notice errors if Play Integrity is not passing.

Unfortunately for power users, Play Integrity is significantly more powerful than SafetyNet was. And it’s only getting moreso.

Android 15 OTA Fix

The issue hindering seamless over-the-air (OTA) updates on Android 15 developer preview builds should be addressed in the upcoming Developer Preview 2 release. Affected users are advised to install the update when it releases.

We’re dedicated to providing the premier platform for Android personalization and beyond. Stay tuned for release dates and even more innovative features!

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