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Androidacy Font Manager Update Delivers Refinements, Androidacy Module Manager V3 Progresses

Androidacy Font Manager

Android customization hub Androidacy continues to deliver, releasing Androidacy Font Manager 1.8.1 and exciting updates on the highly anticipated Androidacy Module Manager V3.

Androidacy Font Manager 1.8.1: Power User Enhancements

While Font Manager 1.8.1 may not introduce flashy new features, dedicated Android enthusiasts will appreciate the significant focus on under-the-hood improvements. These refinements ensure a smoother and more reliable experience for those who love tweaking their device’s appearance.

Here’s a breakdown of the key changes:

  • Improved KernelSU compatibility: Eliminate frustrating errors and ensure seamless operation.
  • Optimized SELinux handling: Prevent unexpected conflicts and guarantee a streamlined font-changing process.
  • Early boot failure prevention: Avoid those dreaded restarts and failures for a hassle-free customization experience. This is in addition to our existing bootloop prevention feature!
  • Recommendations groundwork: While not yet active, this update paves the way for intelligent font and emoji suggestions in the future.
  • Additional refinements: Streamlined font installation and subtle user interface upgrades enhance the overall usability of Androidacy’s Font Manager.
  • Optimized ads: We’ve listened to your feedback and overhauled the ads in the app, to allow us to keep the app free but also not get in the way.

You can grab the latest Font Manager update directly from the Google Play Store:

Androidacy Module Manager V3: On Track for Q1 Beta

Alongside the Font Manager update, Androidacy continues to make significant progress on the eagerly awaited Module Manager V3. This overhaul promises a revolution in how users install and manage mods on their Android devices.

Current highlights include:

  • Effortless Installation: Simplify the module installation process, getting you modding faster than ever.
  • Versatile Add-ons: Utilize powerful add-ons designed to download files, install apps, and interact directly with users.
  • Seamless Repository Integration: Access all your favorite module repositories with ease.
  • Comprehensive Support: Androidacy Module Manager V3 guarantees full compatibility with KernelSU and Magisk, including support for A/B devices.

While we know you’re eagerly awaiting the release, we wanted to make sure we got it right here at Androidacy, and we’re still ironing out some kinks around the Repository display and ratings and reviews. Androidacy hopes to launch a private beta by the end of February to early March.

Beyond Modules: Androidacy’s Expansion

Androidacy’s recent upgrades extend beyond its core modding tools. Here’s what else is happening:

  • Revamped website & API: Experience faster browsing and enhanced performance across the board.
  • Subscription Value Boost: Annual plans now include two months free for added savings – up from just one month!
  • Affordability Focus: Ad-free plans have become more affordable.
  • Valentine’s Sale: Enjoy 25% off annual subscriptions until the 21st with code LOVE24:
  • Dedicated Support Expansion: Expanded team means even better support for the Androidacy community.
  • Android News Incoming: Get ready for comprehensive Android news coverage in the coming weeks.

The Future of Android Customization

Androidacy remains dedicated to providing powerful customization tools and expanding its platform for Android enthusiasts. Whether you crave font personalization, a streamlined modding experience, or the latest Android news, Androidacy delivers.

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