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Android 15 Beta 1.1 Update: Important Fixes and Enhancements

Android 15 beta 1.1

The recent release of Android 15 Beta 1.1 by Google marks another update in the coming Android operating versions development, aiming to address several significant issues identified in previous versions. As with all beta software, this version continues to be a work in progress and may contain bugs that could affect performance. Beta versions are generally not recommended for a primary device due to potential instability. However, they provide a valuable insight into the future directions of the operating system.

This update, identified as AP31.240322.023, offers improvements specifically in areas like NFC functionality, system stability, and user-facing features such as printing.

Enhanced NFC Functionality in Android 15 Beta 1.1

One of the primary focuses of Android 15 Beta 1.1 is the enhancement of NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities. Previous versions encountered multiple issues that affected the performance of wallet applications and other NFC-dependent services. These issues were largely due to the transition to a new mainline module for NFC having serious issues. With this update, Google has addressed these problems, resolving several related bug reports (issues from #333929007 to #336064427). These fixes aim to provide a more reliable NFC experience, which is crucial for users who rely on this technology for transactions and connectivity.

Stabilization of Developer Options

The update also stabilizes the Developer Options settings screen, an essential tool for developers testing and debugging their applications on Android devices. Previously, crashes in this area could make the page inaccessible, documented under issue #333941833. Google has resolved these crashes, the update supports a more stable development environment, allowing for smoother operation and fewer interruptions during app development.

Improvements in System Updates and Printing

Android 15 Beta 1.1 addresses critical issues that hindered system updates and affected the printing functionality. Specific corrections were made to resolve problems that prevented some devices from updating correctly to the initial beta release. Additionally, fixes to text clipping issues during printing tasks (#334925832 and #334430062) ensure that outputs are consistent and accurate, which is vital for users who may frequently print from their devices.

Accessing the Beta and Contributing Feedback for Android 15 Beta 1.1

For users enrolled in the Android Beta Program, this update will be delivered automatically via an over-the-air (OTA) update to supported devices, including several Pixel models. Those interested in joining the beta testing can sign up through Google’s official Android Beta Program website. It’s important to remember that participating in a beta test involves dealing with potential bugs and issues that are inherent in a testing phase. Feedback from users is crucial, as it helps Google address problems and improve the operating system before its final release. Users can provide feedback through the Android Beta Feedback tool or by participating in community forums such as r/Android_Beta.


Google’s Android 15 Beta 1.1 release is integral to refining the functionality and stability of the operating system. By addressing key issues and incorporating user feedback, this beta update plays a crucial role in preparing Android 15 for a more stable and functional public release. While beta versions are invaluable for testing and development, they may not be suitable for all users due to the potential for bugs and instability. Those who choose to participate in the beta testing should be prepared for a typical beta experience, complete with the highs and lows of testing early software.

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