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New In Android 15 Beta 2: A Look at the Latest Features and Fixes

Android 15 Beta 2

The highly anticipated Android 15 Beta 2 has finally arrived, bringing with it a suite of exciting new features, essential bug fixes, and various improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience. This update not only improves everyday usability but also provides developers with refined tools to optimize their applications. Let’s dive into the new features and enhancements that Android 15 Beta 2 has to offer.

Key Bug Fixes in Android 15 Beta 2

Enhancing Usability and Interface

Android 15 Beta 2 has addressed several critical issues that were impacting user experience, ensuring smoother and more reliable interactions with your device:

  • Long Screenshot Activity Interface: Resolved an issue where the top area of the long screenshot activity interface overlapped with the status bar, making screenshot controls inaccessible.
  • Device Setup: Fixed a persistent “Google Play services keeps stopping” message that appeared during device setup, streamlining the initial user experience.
  • Unicode 15.1 API: Corrected a malfunction where the APIs for Unicode 15.1 were not working properly.
  • QR Code Scanner: Addressed an issue where the viewfinder for the Android QR Code scanner was sometimes cropped or resized incorrectly on certain Android Virtual Devices.

Bluetooth and Audio Enhancements

Bluetooth and audio functionalities have seen substantial improvements, ensuring better connectivity and audio experiences:

  • BLE Reliability: Implemented a fix to prevent BluetoothGatt from getting stuck in a busy state when a characteristic write fails. Additionally, a bug in BluetoothGattService that occasionally caused a SecurityException when enabling notifications for specific devices has been resolved. Critical Bluetooth connection issues affecting dual-mode devices with LE random addresses were also addressed.
  • LE Audio Enhancements: Significant improvements have been made to LE Audio, tackling clock synchronization issues, pairing and bonding experiences, and packet drops. These changes promise a smoother, higher-quality audio experience, particularly beneficial for hearing aids.
  • Bluetooth API Refinements: The Bluetooth Audio Classic (A2DP) stack now supports vendor codecs on the offload audio codec. Bluetooth APIs have been refined for better developer experience and functionality, including fixes for GATT error handling, HID/HOGP switching, and enhancements to BluetoothDevice#getAddressType() accessibility.

Android 15 Beta 2 Features

Private Space: Enhanced Privacy Controls

Private Space preview in Android 15 Beta 2

One of the most notable additions in Android 15 Beta 2 is “Private Space.” This feature allows users to create a separate, secure space on their device for sensitive apps, safeguarded by an additional layer of authentication. When locked, the profile is paused, and apps within it are inactive.

Apps in the Private Space appear in a separate container on the launcher and are hidden from recent views, notifications, settings, and other apps when the space is locked. Content and accounts are separated between the private and main spaces, ensuring that sensitive data remains secure and private.

Apps that require visibility into the Private Space may need to make some changes.

Redesigned Sound & Vibration Controls

Android 15 Beta 2 Volume Panel

In Android 15 Beta 2, the Sound & Vibration menu has been redesigned for a more intuitive user experience. The sound controls now feature wide fill bars with animated interactions. For Pixel Buds Pro users, a new spatial audio mode control has been added, allowing users to toggle between “With Tracking,” “Without Tracking,” and “Disabled” modes. Additionally, users can now switch audio output devices regardless of whether media content is currently playing.

Wallpaper & Style App Enhancements

Contrast Enhancement controls

The Wallpaper & Style app now includes a “Color Contrast” setting, previously hidden in developer settings. This setting allows users to see real-time effects on app appearances when switching between contrast modes. The setting impacts apps that support dynamic color, although not all apps may support every contrast setting. A toggle for text contrast is also available on the same page.

Predictive Back Gesture

Predictive back gestures are now enabled by default in Android 15 Beta 2. This feature provides a visual preview of the destination when performing a back gesture, enhancing navigation across the system interface and within apps. Note that apps must enable support, so initially not all apps will show the gestures!

Additional Enhancements

Saving App Pairs

A new feature in split-screen mode allows users to save app pairs. Users can now create shortcuts of paired apps directly on the home screen for quick access, improving multitasking efficiency.

Widget Previews

Android 15 Beta 2 brings improvements to widget previews in the widget list. Instead of static images or layout resources, app widget providers can now generate RemoteViews for more accurate widget previews.

You can read more here if you wish to implement this in your app.

Automatic Bluetooth Re-Enable

A new switch in the Quick Settings tile menu and the Bluetooth settings page allows users to automatically turn Bluetooth back on the next day, adding convenience to everyday device management.

Storage Page Redesign

The storage page in settings has been updated for better clarity. The “System” option has been replaced with a “System” header that divides into “OS” and “temporary system files,” reducing confusion about storage usage. Unrecognized files may fall under the latter label.

Additional Tweaks and Features

  • New USB Debugging/Android System Icon: The icon has been updated to reflect the internal dessert name, Vanilla Ice Cream.
  • Screen Timeout Change: Adjusting the screen timeout to a higher value now requires unlocking the device, enhancing security.
  • Adaptive Vibration: A new feature for Pixel phones automatically adjusts haptic feedback based on the phone’s sensors, providing a more tailored user experience depending on your environment.
  • Efficient av1 software decoding: Support for the more efficient dav1d codec has been added.


Android 15 Beta 2 is a comprehensive update that brings a plethora of new features, critical bug fixes, and enhancements designed to improve both user and developer experiences. From the innovative Private Space to the refined Bluetooth and audio functionalities, this update has something for everyone. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage and updates from Google I/O as Android 15 continues to evolve and impress.

As always, you can install the beta at your own risk by visiting You may read more about this beta on the Google Blog.

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