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AMM 2.3.6: Making the best Magisk Modules Download Experience

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The Androidacy team is pleased to announce the release of the Androidacy Module Manager (AMM) 2.3.6 to enhance your magisk modules download experience. This update reflects our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient module management experience for our community to manage magisk module download as the year ends. With a focus on resolving key issues and enhancing usability, AMM 2.3.6 is an essential tool for anyone utilizing Magisk or KernelSU for device customization and optimization.

Key Improvements in AMM 2.3.6 for Magisk Module Download

Enhanced Root Detection: One of the standout features in this module manager update is magisk and kernelsu detection improvements for users. This enhancement ensures a smoother integration with various root configurations. However, we advise users to be aware that module compatibility may still vary, emphasizing the need for user discretion in module selection.

Refined Module Display and Management: AMM 2.3.6 addresses several crucial aspects of module management. Users will now experience a more intuitive display of modules, with a clear differentiation between installed modules and those available for updates. This clarity simplifies the process of managing your magisk modules download, making it easier to keep your device up-to-date and secure.

Stability in Custom Repositories: Handling custom repositories is now more stable and user-friendly. The update resolves previous issues encountered when adding, updating, or removing custom repositories, ensuring a more reliable experience with magisk modules download and install.

Performance Enhancements: Significant improvements have been made in the app’s speed and performance. These enhancements not only make AMM more responsive but also provide a more enjoyable user experience for your magisk modules download.

The Benefits of Using AMM with Our Repository For Magisk Modules Download

Seamless Integration and Updates: By using AMM in conjunction with our modules repository magisk and kernelsu modules, users benefit from a seamless integration that simplifies the process of installing and updating modules. Our repository is meticulously curated to ensure it contains stable and reliable modules, providing users with peace of mind and a superior customization experience.

Optimized for Premium Users: Premium users will find additional benefits, including the option for annual subscriptions at a 10% discount compared to monthly rates. Premium members get to see no ads and find it fast for their magisk modules download. This pricing structure is tailored to offer both savings and convenience. Additionally, premium users can enjoy an ad-free experience at a newly discounted rate. It’s important for premium users to remember to update their API token in the AMM settings under ‘repo settings’, ensuring uninterrupted access to these premium features.

Looking Ahead: Font Manager for Fonts and Emojis on any rooted android

Plus, AMM v3 coming soon

As we continue to develop and enhance AMM, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming beta release of AMM v3. This next version is expected to bring new features and further improvements, based on the valuable feedback from our user community to help them with magisk modules download.

In addition to AMM, we offer Font Manager, a complementary app that allows users to easily find and install a wide variety of fonts and emojis. This app’s intuitive design and extensive library make it a perfect partner to AMM, enhancing your device customization experience. Discover Font Manager here.

Our self developed magisk modules download will also stop receiving updates. We are making this change to better support our apps. We can’t wait to share what else is up ahead!


The Androidacy Module Manager 2.3.6 update is not just about fixing issues; it’s about enhancing the overall module management experience for our community. This release embodies our commitment to delivering tools that not only meet but exceed your expectations in device customization and optimization.

We thank our users for their continued support and feedback, which are invaluable in our journey to provide the best tools for the Android community.

Download the latest update, version 2.3.6, here. Remember to install the appropriate APK for your device. F-Droid users are recommended to switch to the builds from our website for faster updates and more features!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download Magisk modules?

This app allows seamless download and install. You may also use our web app.

What is the alternative to Magisk module manager?

This app is our recommended app, as it gives users an easy to understand interface and makes managing magisk modules and more a breeze. Our repository also ensures user safety and trust.

Where are Magisk modules stored?

Modules storage location varies based on root method and version, but the app transparently handles everything for you!

How do I make my own Magisk module?

You can find the general module structure on the official docs. Once you finish making it, why not get it added to our repository?

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