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At Androidacy, we are proud to stand at the forefront of Android customization, championing innovation and community collaboration. Our platform has become a hub for creativity and technology, where independent developers and users come together to push the boundaries of what’s possible. In this detailed overview, we explore the core elements of Androidacy’s approach, our commitment to the community, and the exciting advancements that make us a leader in the Android customization space.

Empowering Developers and Elevating User Experience

Central to Androidacy’s mission is the empowerment of independent developers. These innovators are the driving force behind the dynamic tools and modules available on our platform. To support these talented individuals more effectively, we are enhancing our revenue-sharing model, ensuring they are justly rewarded for their contributions. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to fostering a thriving developer community.

We create opportunities for developers to connect with users they may not be able to reach otherwise, with free promotions and tools for growth and success. We empower users to more easily find the tools they are looking for, to better serve them and ensure they get what they need fast.

Concurrently, we are focused on optimizing the user experience. Our recent initiatives include:

  • Greater Accessibility: In response to community feedback, we’ve improved accessibility by increasing the free download limit (5/day -> 10/day) and enhancing download speeds (up to 1mbps for most free users, from 512KB/s).
  • Balanced Advertising: We’ve strategically reduced the presence of intrusive and full screen ads, carefully balancing revenue generation with a seamless user experience.
  • Infrastructure and Support Upgrades: Our investment in infrastructure and expanded support team exemplify our dedication to providing reliable and responsive services, catering to the needs of our growing community.
  • Constant improvements: We’ve been working hard to improve the speed and usability for our website and apps. From theme improvements, to smaller JavaScript bundles, we hope you’ll appreciate the work our developers are putting in!

Innovations and Future Developments

Looking to the future, Androidacy is excited to introduce several innovative projects:

  • Revamping the Android Module Manager (AMM): The upcoming AMM redesign, based on user feedback, promises a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Exclusive Subscriber Tools: Our forthcoming font conversion/generation tool is an example of the added value we’re bringing to our subscribers.

Community Contribution Licensing and Ethical Practices

Our new community contribution licensing page is a significant step toward ensuring clarity and mutual respect between Androidacy, contributors, and users. This initiative sets forth our expectations and what contributors can anticipate in terms of support and visibility.

Androidacy operates with the utmost respect for intellectual property rights. We do not knowingly or willingly use any creator’s work without their explicit permission or the appropriate licensing rights. In addition, we ensure proper credit is given where credit is required. This commitment underlines our respect for the creators and the integrity of their work.

While we are committed to everyone’s right to their intellectual property and hard work, we understand users may sometimes abuse our community submission features and may submit works that they are not properly authorized to grant us licensing to. We invite creators to reach out to us if such an event occurs, so we can discuss it further and resolve the issue. Our systems aren’t perfect, but we’re always working on improving them!

You may find the revised policy here.

Advertising and Subscription Model: Ensuring Free Access and Choice for Power Users

Our advertising and subscription model is designed to benefit the entire Androidacy community. This approach allows us to offer most content for free, ensuring broad accessibility to our resources. For power users seeking more advanced features, our subscription model offers additional choices and enhanced capabilities. This dual approach helps us cater to a diverse user base, from casual enthusiasts to dedicated power users.

We understand that some users may not want to see advertising, which is why we offer a very affordable alternative to those users. In addition, we regularly review our ads to ensure no inappropriate advertising is displaying on our website. We encourage users seeing excessive or inappropriate advertising on our website to reach out to us on telegram. We want you to have a good experience as much as you do, believe us!

Creators’ Work: Unmodified and Respected

A fundamental principle at Androidacy is the respect for the integrity of the creators’ work. The content available on our platform remains unmodified; what users download is exactly as the creators intended. We are committed to maintaining the originality and authenticity of the works we host.

Some creators may choose to utilize additional features we offer, which are all opt in and serve to enhance user experience. Those features do not inject any sort of tracking or advertising, and any modules or apps with such injected we’re not distributed by Androidacy and should be considered malicious.

Encouraging Constructive Feedback and Good Faith Dialogue

We place immense value on constructive feedback and encourage dialogue grounded in good faith. This approach is integral to our continuous improvement and maintaining a platform that aligns with the community’s needs.

Unfortunately, not everyone engages in good faith. While we understand that everyone gets frustrated, harassment and threats are not and will not be tolerated. This keeps it a safe space for our community members and our (very human!) staff.


Androidacy is more than a platform; it’s a community-driven movement at the cutting edge of Android customization. The improvements we’ve made and our future projects are driven by a commitment to innovation, community engagement, and ethical practices. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey, shaping the future of Android customization. Welcome to Androidacy, where community collaboration and innovation converge to create extraordinary possibilities in the world of Android.

We see over a million users a month, who make almost ten million API requests a month and visit our website many more times. We hope you’ll join them, and stay. This growth wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you.

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