Why I run ads

It’s really ironic. I use AdGuard, and develop a magisk module that increases privacy and can block ads. Yet, I’m running ads on my site.

Allow me to explain.

I’ve been seeing unprecedented amounts of traffic on my sites. In fact, almost 7,000 visitors last month alone. That’s no small number of visitors.

Donations are non-existent almost. Total I’ve gotten ~$50 in the two years I’ve had my PayPal link and Patreon. And only one Patreon subscriber.

Servers aren’t free, especially my Ryzen 7 server. So I have to recoup costs. But how?

Enter advertising. Between InfoLinks and Google AdSense I’ve made almost $8 off adverising alone in the past week.

Advertising may not bring in $200/month but it certainly offsets costs to run my server, and develop everything I do.

I won’t display any annoying anti-adblock popups for now, but please consider a donation or disabling adblock.

And I realize some of you find advertising annoying. Some of you value privacy over seeing ads. But please remember, publishers may depend on ad revenue to survive!

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