Why we run ads

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Note: this article on why we run ads has been updated on February 23, 2022. Users coming from Android Police and other sites articles on Fox’s Magisk Module Manager are probably looking for this article.

It’s really ironic. Some of us use AdGuard, and develop a magisk module that increases privacy and can block ads. Yet, we have to running ads on my site.

Allow us to explain why we run ads. Yes, there’s an explanation!

Traffic vs donations

We see from 21 thousand to 7 million visitors a month. That eats bandwidth and other resources. In addition, our API serves up to 21 million requests and 2TB of data.

Donations are non-existent almost. PayPal only saw $13 in donations when we had it, and Patreon before adding benefits like adfree saw almost no subscribers.

Servers aren’t free, especially the infrastructure required to smoothly run Androidacy. So we have to cover costs. But how?

The solution – run ads!

Enter advertising. Between InfoLinks, Media.Net, and Google AdSense, we cover server costs and more, all off advertising alone. We can’t share exact figures, but it’s enough to cover infrastructure costs and allow us to continue improving and enhancing our services, in a sustainable way. Advertising is the one steady source of income we have, and like it or not, it’s not going anywhere.

We ask all users to disable AdBlock, or to back us on our Patreon. We are off and on testing AdBlock notices, so you may notice them if you visit with an AdBlocker. We do realize some of you find advertising annoying. Some of you value privacy over seeing ads. But please remember, publishers may depend on ad revenue to survive!

We hope this has cleared some things up for our users, and we look forward to serving our community, in a sustainable way.

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