Magisk Module Manager by Fox2Code – our best partnership

Magisk Module Manager

We now have a Magisk Module Manager… kind of

Androidacy is extremely pleased and honored to announce that version 0.3.1 of Fox’s Magisk Module Manager now includes by default an integration with the Androidacy Magisk Modules Repository! This partnership brings you an app-based experience, and allows you to install modules directly on your device, without visiting our web app. Of course, our web app will remain available.

We originally planned on writing our own manager from scratch. However, we were approached by Fox2Code, and favorably impressed with their work. We have been working closely with them for the past weeks on a proper integration. As of 0.3.1, we consider the integration complete, although there are a few odds and ends to clean up.

Fox’s Magisk Module Manager

Fox’s Magisk Module Manager is an open source app to browser, download, and install magisk modules. The app offers three different repositories (collections of magisk modules) by default. That includes our very own! Custom repository support is planned, and the app features several tricks up its sleeve the original repository in the official app didn’t have . Those are things like config or manager apps for modules, and easy access to developer’s donation or support links. All of this is presented in a clean interface that has support for both a light and a dark theme. Users should toggle themes in the app’s settings.

FoxMMM main activity
FoxMMM main activity

As you can see in the screenshot above, the app offers all the functions you’d expect; that is, you can enable, disable, uninstall, and install modules. It also includes online repos (did we mention it includes our own yet?) and links to github, xda, and more, all from the main interface. The app is still being developed, and may see some changes not yet shown here, but the general functionality shouldn’t change majorly. We applaud the hard work Fox2Code has put in the app. In addition, we appreciate the effort shown when we were working on the integration.

Details of the partnership

As per our agreement and our Magisk Modules Repository Policies, the app will show ads on download and README pages for modules that have not opted out. This helps support our server costs and was agreed on by both parties. We are working on bringing ad-free for our Patrons that support us on our Patreon to the app. However, the integration is not ready yet. Stay tuned!

In addition, both parties have reworked their repository policies to align with the needs and wants of the community and to better serve the module developers we showcase. Related to this, Androidacy has also removed and added some moderation team members as a result of these changes. We extend our apologies to community members effected by poor moderation decisions by our previous moderators. Please reach out to @AndroidacySupport on Telegram if you were banned. We will reverse any ban under previous moderation, as long as the ban was not justified.

We are also working on details of revenue sharing with Fox2Code. This will recognize and reward their hard work and show our gratitude for helping us achieve our long-term goals.

Fox2Code’s other projects

The Magisk Module Manager is not the only project Fox2Code is working on. Do check out his other projects on GitHub or join his Telegram group by using the links below.

Closing remarks

We look forward to continuing to work with Fox2Code and other community members in the future, to deepen our connection with and better serve our community. If you have an integration you’d like considered, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us! We’d be happy to take a look.

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