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Today, Magisk officially released v24.0 to the stable channel, thereby removing the official magisk modules repository previously included from all variants of Magisk Manager. Sorry as we are to see it go, truth be told it had been dead for over a year, and a zombie for several months.

As you may recall, in May of 2021, Wu joined the Android security team at Google. For awhile, it looked as though Magisk may very well be dead. However, a couple months later, we started to see activity on the Magisk GitHub repository. People were relieved. And then the other foot fell: the repository was dead, and Magisk Hide, the once famous root hiding tool, was too. Neither was a surprise, both had been zombified for awhile, but it was a disappointment.

Of course, we couldn’t just sit idly by and not have a solution. Enter Androidacy Modules Repository, stage left.

magisk modules repo
The old Magisk Modules Repo

Androidacy Modules Repository

This was the first iteration of the modules repository we hosted. Featuring cards for each module, all brought over from the official repository, and a search bar at the top that only could search by name, it got the job done in the Androidacy way: simple, efficient, and for free. But we knew we could do better.

We sough out to make it faster, improve the UI, and most importantly, incorporate feedback from our users. And we did just that, and to top it off, we did it better.

Magisk Modules Repository

We then rebranded to a more generic name to reflect our decision to only include Magisk Modules in the repository in addition to reflecting the current state of affairs related to the ex-official magisk modules repository,

Not only that, we cleaned up the UI to make it easier to navigate, and made huge leaps and bounds on the backend to improve speed, and made the decision to remove the automatic updater from modules that are not originally authored by Androidacy. This allowed original security checks put in place by the authors to continue to function as expected, and reflected feedback we received from module developers. We also added codename and author search to the search feature, although the three options are not currently exclusive. We plan on changing the in a future release, but based on feedback we are prioritizing other features over that currently.

In addition we made an often asked for and welcome change: you can now download directly from the modules repository web app, instead of the old behavior of redirecting to the downloads page. The latest version will download when you press the download button on the information modal, but of course old version of modules will remain available as long as we see fit. Keep in mind module developers may not support old versions, and you should not expect support for anything but the latest and greatest. Androidacy, for instance, has a policy to only support the latest stable release and latest beta release if newer than the stable and generally available, ie not in private beta.

Another change is the addition of displaying the checksum in the aforementioned information modal. Displaying the MD5 digest allows you to verify your download was not tampered with, and has been delivered securely. We advise all users to routinely check the checksum/digest of all downloads from Androidacy to avoid compromises of your security or privacy.

What is the magisk modules repository anyway?

It’s a central place for all your favorite magisk modules and the only official or supported source for Androidacy modules. As a reminder, our Terms of Service forbid rehosting or mirroring any content by Androidacy or found on this site without explicit permission..


Can I add my module(s)?

Of course! As long as you are the developer or have explicit permission from the developer of the module, we welcome applications. Head over to the applications page to apply!

Is the magisk modules repository free?

Yes! Free as in beer and in most cases free as in freedom.

How do you afford this?

We display ads on our web app and native apps. We also gain additional revenue from our Patreon.

How can I support you?

Easy! Head on over to our Patreon. As an added bonus, supporting us on patreon at $3 or more unlocks cool benefits such as ad-free!

Magisk Modules Repository
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