Magisk Modules Repository Policies

Last Updated: August 31, 2022

Below you will find the policies and terms that pertain to the Androidacy Magisk Modules Repository. Some have been adapted from the deprecated official Repository guidelines by John Wu, who does not endorse and is not otherwise affiliated with the Androidacy Magisk Modules Repository.

The key words “MUST”, “MUST NOT”, “REQUIRED”, “SHALL”, “SHALL NOT”, “SHOULD”, “SHOULD NOT”, “RECOMMENDED”, “MAY”, and “OPTIONAL” in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

Original Magisk Modules Repository

Modules originally present in the old Magisk Modules Repository have been ported over to the Androidacy Repository, and are only subject to the original Magisk Modules Repository requirements and our requirements pertaining to monetization. Modules in the original Magisk Modules Repository organization were automatically added.

To request a module from that organization to be removed, please contact us. Developers wishing to change the repository we pull from for such a module MUST fill out an application, as if it was a new module.


Androidacy is under no requirement to notify module developers of an update to the guidelines, so we advise you to check back regularly.

Androidacy follows a three (3) strike system. The first infraction shall result in a warning issued to the module developer, and no action against their module(s). The second infraction shall result in temporary removal of the offending module(s) until an update is published to remedy the alleged infractions. The third infraction will result in permanent removal of the offending module(s) and at Androidacy’s discretion, further action against the module developer.

Note that this does not mean you are in any way guaranteed a certain number of chances. Depending on the severity of the infraction and as we deem necessary to protect ourselves or our users, we may skip one or more steps of enforcement outlined above.

Developer requirements

We have some miscellaneous requirements of all developers who contribute to or are part of any Androidacy project, including the repository.

  • You MUST have an account on file.
  • All developers MUST have up to date contact information.
  • Developers SHOULD have an established history and credibility outside of Androidacy.
    • Androidacy reserves the right to determine the meaning of the above statement at submission time.

Compatibility requirements

To ensure an optimal experience for all users, observe these guidelines:

  • Developers MAY NOT publish any module that has device specific requirements without a) ensuring those requirements are outlined in the appropriate documentation, and b) ensuring installation is not possible on incompatible devices.
  • Developers SHOULD attempt to ensure compatibility with the current stable android version, and attempt to maintain compatibility with all current versions supported by AOSP (Android Open Source Project).
  • Developers MUST have compatibility with the current stable release of Magisk, and SHOULD test against the current Canary (pre-release) release.
  • Developers MUST thoroughly test any release before publishing it.

Template requirements

In order to ensure that modules follow standards set by upstream, we’ve instituted the following requirements:

  • All zips MUST follow the structure outlined here
  • All modules MUST have a descriptive located at the root of the repository.
  • Modules SHOULD publish a changelog letting users know what’s new on each release.

Authorship and originality

As in any open source software, keeping commit history and not blindly copying others is important. Here’s some principles we’d like you to follow:

  • All authorship MUST be preserved.
  • Commit history MUST be preserved.
  • When using another person’s work, no matter how small, credit MUST be given where it’s due.
  • Modules MUST NOT be a copy of or close resemblance of another module already in the Repository.

What will and will not be accepted

In order to prevent low quality modules from proliferating the Repository, here’s our expectations regarding what we will and won’t accept:

  • Font or emoji changing modules (where it’s their primary purpose) WILL NOT be accepted. Please instead apply for your font or emoji set to be included in Font Manager.
  • Modules that closely mimic or copy existing modules, whether the other module is in the Repository or not, WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Modules MUST be the submitters own work or be submitted with explicit permission from the author.
  • Simple boot script or prop editing modules SHOULD NOT be submitted but may be accepted at the sole discretion of Androidacy, on a case-by-case basis.
    • For example, a module that only sets at boot will not be accepted, but modules that change several props for a specified purpose, or run a non trivial boot script, might be so long as they comply with other program policies.

Module Security

From time to time, we get requests for inclusion from modules that are either intentionally or unintentionally malicious or harm an end-users experience. To protect our users, follow these guidelines:

  • Modules SHOULD NOT change kernel parameters unless they can verify they do not cause ANY problems. We believe that is best left up to end-users or kernel developers.
  • Modules MUST NOT collect any users’ personal information such as IMEI, phone number, or any other unique identifier, without explicit consent and a valid purpose.
    • Androidacy will review any such modules manually, and may reject any module that collects any information we deem unnecessary for the module’s work.
  • Modules MUST NOT give module developers remote access to the device. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule, for any reason.
  • Modules MUST NOT cause deliberate harm or unwanted modifications to an user’s device.
  • Modules MAY be scanned from time to time with a service such as VirusTotal, and any module that raises a red flag with our security vendors will be immediately removed and manually investigated.
    • Confirmed malware or similar will result in an immediate ban from our repository, whether on purpose or not. Please thoroughly check any code you push.


Androidacy reserves the right to display advertising on all pages related to any hosted modules. This covers our hosting and other costs, while keeping the Repository free for our users. The advertising display requirement also applies to third party integrations that may display results from our repository.

Users who purchase the appropriate subscription are not subject to being shown ads, and we encourage module developers who may receive feedback from users about our advertising to direct them to the appropriate subscription page.

However, out of respect for our developers, your modules will be shipped to the end user untouched, with no links back to Androidacy. The advertising displayed on a modules README on the website and API are injected dynamically on the server, while the original README included in the zip remains untouched.

Module developers who wish to remove ads from their module pages may request that on their application. Please note there is a minimum $25/yr fee for ad removal, which must be paid up front by the developer. This fee is not fixed nor refundable and will be determined at the time of application based on our evaluation of the value of your module.

Revenue Sharing

From time to time, Androidacy may offer module developers the opportunity to earn money from their work. This means you can get paid for doing the same work you’ve always done and loved.

Modules seeking revenue sharing must meet minimum traffic and quality requirements. We are always reviewing modules for eligibility, and once we deem a module eligible, the developer will be contacted with more information on how to proceed.

Please note that we are under no obligation to offer revenue sharing, and we reserve the right to stop revenue sharing at any point after your enrollment in the program.

Your rights and the rights you grant to us

By posting an application, you give Androidacy the right to review, view the source code of, inspect, and otherwise interact with your module and related works as we see fit. You also give up any exclusivity rights to your module, and at our discretion we may request exclusive hosting rights. You also give us the right to host, rehost, modify, and otherwise interact with your module as part of providing you the Services as we see fit and as necessary.

You also agree your module, it’s zips, and/or it’s files will be submitted to third parties for security, analytics, and/or for any purpose as we see fit. You also agree that your module will participate in the Androidacy census for statistics and potentially telemetry purposes, not limited to display of advertising on your modules’ pages, counting module downloads, and making general inferences based on the generalization of the modules currently in the repository.

You retain the rights to your copyrighted works in that you retain authorship, and you retain intellectual property rights, insofar that it does not prevent Androidacy from providing any of our Services. Androidacy also does not claim copyright over any logos, names, or works, other than the right to use and post such works and names on our website and/or apps.

Automated submissions

Module authors and users are not permitted to use any automation software or tooling to post submissions to the application form.

From time to time, the Androidacy crawler may automatically find and add modules to our repository, so long as licensing and other requirements are met. You may claim ownership of any module and the rights associated with such ownership at any time by getting in touch with us, using our Contact page as posted in the site navigation, and submitting a request in addition to proof of authorship.

In addition, module authors may request a takedown of any of their modules so long as they can prove they are one of the or the sole author of the module, and Androidacy is hereby obligated to comply with such a request within one (1) week of receiving such a request and we’ve verified that the requestor is the rightful author of the module.

And the legal stuff

Androidacy reserves the right but not the obligation to add, remove, modify, or otherwise use any submitted or publicly available modules as we see fit. From time to time, we reserve the right to also automatically scrape various sources to obtain modules that are in compliance with our rules, and add them. Authors have the right to request a takedown of their module if this occurs to them.

Logos, names, and associated are copyright the original authors, except for those owned by Androidacy. All rights reserved.

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