Androidacy Module Repository Policy

Effective Date: December 1, 2023


This document, known as “The Policy,” delineates the binding terms and conditions for the submission, management, and distribution of digital content, specifically software modules, including but not limited to Magisk, KernelSU, and other modules, within the Androidacy Module Repository (“The Repository”). By submitting a Module, participating in or using the Repository, you are agreeing to these terms as written as of the time of your usage.

Submission and Compliance

Module Standards and Requirements

  1. Modules, including Magisk, KernelSU, and others, submitted to The Repository must be inherently compatible with modern Android operating systems and conform to the technical standards and requirements set by Androidacy.
  2. Modules must not contain malicious code, infringe upon intellectual property, or violate applicable laws.
  3. Developers submitting Modules must establish and maintain an account with accurate contact information. If Androidacy is unable to reach a Developer, the Developer may have their account terminated and Modules removed.
  4. Modules must adhere to structural and content requirements, including a descriptive file at the root of the Module’s repository, and the appropriate format for the framework they utilize.
  5. Modules must preserve original authorship credits and commit history, and not replicate or closely resemble any existing Module in The Repository.
  6. Users and Developers may not use automated means to submit Modules or to otherwise defraud Androidacy and the Repository.

Distribution, Monetization, and Revenue Sharing

Rights and Obligations

  1. Androidacy reserves the irrevocable right to display advertising on all pages related to hosted Modules, covering hosting and operational costs while maintaining free access for end users. Advertising may be removed by users for a predetermined fee. Module developers wishing to remove advertising may contact us for a custom contract.
  2. Androidacy retains discretion to engage in revenue sharing with Developers of eligible Modules, subject to traffic and quality criteria. Participation in revenue sharing programs is contingent upon criteria set by Androidacy and subject to change.
  3. Developers may choose to paywall or charge for their Modules at their discretion, provided they inform Androidacy of their intentions. Modules may also display advertising of their own, provided such advertising is clearly marked as such. Androidacy will never insert advertising into other developers modules.

Automated Submissions and Module Removal

Provisions for Module Removal

  1. Androidacy employs automated processes for Module discovery and inclusion, provided such Modules meet established licensing and compliance requirements.
  2. Developers may request Module removal, subject to satisfactory evidence of authorship. Androidacy reserves the right to refuse a removal request at its discretion, unless legally obligated to comply or we deem it necessary for user safety.
  3. Androidacy reserves the right to remove any modules for violations of this Policy or at our sole discretion for any reason whatsoever.

Intellectual Property and Licensing

  1. By submitting a Module, Developers grant Androidacy an unrestricted license to review, modify, and distribute the Module as necessary for service provision.
  2. Developers retain their copyright and intellectual property rights, provided it does not impede Androidacy’s ability to deliver its Services.

Disclaimer of Liability

  1. Androidacy disclaims liability for damages arising from Module use or misuse.
  2. Modules are provided “as is” without warranties, express or implied.
  3. Androidacy makes a best effort to ensure modules security and user benefit but does not make any guarantees express or implied, and users are solely responsible for their usage of the Repository.

Amendments and Jurisdiction

Policy Amendments

  1. Androidacy reserves the right to amend The Policy at any time. Continued use of The Repository constitutes acceptance of revised terms.
  2. If any provision is found unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force.

Governing Law

  1. This Policy is governed by laws of the jurisdiction where Androidacy is headquartered, the United States.

Additional Terms

  1. This policy is in addition to, not in replacement of, our General Terms, Privacy Policy, and Community Contribution agreement. Shall any provision conflict, the more specific Terms shall prevail.

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