Webview Manager 8 is out in stable channel!

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About time!

Today we’re please to announce the first stable in the 8.x series, as well as the first stable fully published by the team at Androidacy! This is the new, revamped module that used to be known as either Webview Switcher or Bromite Systemless Webview.

Based on user feedback, we’ve made some changes, some different defaults, and more! Please note you’ll need a fresh copy of the config.txt (included in the zip) to configure the module – or you can leave it as default which will now only install Bromite Webview.

In addition, Android 11 support is added, along with far greater support for android 10 and the miscellaneous hackery custom ROMs have started employing, including removing stubs of conflicting packages such as Google Chrome and Google WebView.

We’ve also optimized the code to make it run just that much faster, and added better error handling to make it abort when it’s supposed and not when it’s not supposed to.

Full changelog:


  • spaHuge refactor
  • spaSupport android 11
  • spaChange default back to only installing bromite webview.<ul><li>Make sure to edit config.txt appropriately, and place in /sdcard/WebviewManager
  • spaCode optimization
  • spaAdd support for extensions version of ungoogled-chromium
  • spaSeperate browser and webview choice
  • spaRemove most checks in offline mode
  • spaAdd better error handling
  • spaFix some events don’t properly trigger an install abort

The update should roll out to the Magisk app soon, or you can download using the button below. Don’t forget to head to our contact page to find out how to get support, or tell us what you think in the comments!

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