Webview Manager 8.1.3 is out

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We did it! We fixed all the bugs!

Well, all of them we know about, anyway.

In this release we’ve changed quite a bit. We’ve cleaned up some unused sepolicy for added security. App installs during boot are also properly fixed, so we no longer need that sepolicy.

In addition, we’ve cleaned up download logic to fix a bug introduced in 8.0.1. Huge props to our beta testers for helping us! (You can help test too! Join the Telegram group linked on our contact page!)

We also moved away from github for file downloads, and moved file updating and downloads from github to our server. Please note that means our files on the server may be up to an hour behind github releases!

Even better, we cleaned up the module UI and clarified some messages during install.

The file is available for download below. It will roll out to the magisk repository soon!

If the module fails to install, please delete WebviewManager from internal storage and try again.

Config changes

Well, the changes were introduced in the first 8.0 betas, but they seem to be generating some confusion so we’d better clarify.

Now, based on user feedback, we’ve changed the default to only install bromite Webview. However, if you’d like to also install one of the four available browsers, or choose a different one of the three available WebViews, you still can. Here’s how:

  1. Grab the latest module zip
  2. Extract config.txt from the zip, and place in your internal storage under the “WebviewManager” folder. Capitalization matters.
  3. Read the file carefully. All the options are explained.
  4. Change the number of each choice to suit your needs. For example, to install both Webview and browser you’d change INSTALL=0 to INSTALL=2. Make sure not to add any spaces or make any invalid choices here! The module checks the config and uses all defaults if any choice is invalid.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Flash the module as you normally would.

If you’d just like to install bromite Webview, the good news is you don’t have to do a thing. Just flash and forget!

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