Font Manager is out in beta!

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Font Manager 3.x is the continuation of FontRevival 1.x and Fontifier 2.x

Font Manager includes over two hundred fonts, all hand edited to suit your android device, and a selection of emojis, all available within an easy to navigate terminal interface.

In order to use Font Manager, simply download from the link below and install in magisk. When you’re done rebooting, simply run su -c manage_fonts from any terminal emulator (TermUX recommended). Now just follow the on-screen instructions!

Do please note you must reboot after changing font or emoji, and that currently there’s no support for checking current font or emoji. That’s scheduled for our 3.1 milestone, stay tuned!

On the first menu, you’ll find several options to choose from: change font, change emoji, update lists, reboot, or quit. The first two will display the possible fonts or emojis using a cached list, and allow you to install any of them. Selecting the update lists option re-downloads the cached lists. Reboot option is required to force the device to re register the fonts/emojis.

Changes in Font Manager from 2.x and 1.x

Please note old versions are not and will not be supported, due to server side changes!

  • arrow_forward_iosCommand changeUse manage_fonts instead of fontifier
  • arrow_forward_iosCode refactorImprove performance and adhere to coding standards
  • arrow_forward_iosInterface updateMake it easier to navigate, and make interface more appealing
  • arrow_forward_iosImprove compatibilityBetter utilize existing compatibility workarounds
  • arrow_forward_iosChange download backendWorkaround aria2 bugs by simply not using it
  • arrow_forward_iosRemove unused codeReduce module size significantly
  • arrow_forward_iosAdd option to reboot from menuAdded convenience
  • arrow_forward_iosAdded new fonts + emojis from rkdbiMake sure you have up to date lists

What do you think of the updated module? Let us know in the comments!

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