Frequently Asked Questions: Why Does Androidacy Run Ads?

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Last Updated: 10/21/2023
Note: If you arrived here due to articles from Android Police or other outlets concerning Fox’s Magisk Module Manager, you may find this article more appropriate.


As a cornerstone in Android modification, customization, apps, modules, and more, Androidacy utilizes advertisements as an integral part of its financial strategy. The following FAQ aims to clarify our stance on advertising and delineate why it remains crucial for the maintenance and improvement of our services.

Traffic versus Donations

Q: How much web traffic does Androidacy receive?

A: Androidacy hosts between 300,000 to 7 million monthly visitors and handles up to 21 million API requests, delivering approximately 2 terabytes of data through our global infrastructure.

Q: What role do donations play?

A: Despite our traffic, financial contributions through donations have been insignificant. Users appear to prefer tangible benefits in exchange for their support, such as the removal of ads.

Q: How does Androidacy manage its operational expenses?

A: The substantial costs involved in providing high-quality services necessitate a robust revenue model. We chose not to limit access to our resources through paywalls, opting instead for an alternative financial strategy.

The Role of Advertising

Q: How do ads support Androidacy?

A: Advertising remains a key revenue stream. Currently, we partner with Google AdSense and are considering future collaborations with Microsoft through PubCenter and

Q: Are ads here to stay?

A: Yes, advertisements are essential to our operations. They enable us to provide services in a financially sustainable manner.

User Options for an Ad-free Experience

Q: Are there any alternatives to viewing ads?

A: Absolutely. Androidacy offers a membership option for a nominal fee, which will remove ads from your user experience.

Q: What can users do to support Androidacy?

A: You can disable AdBlock or consider purchasing a membership for an ad-free experience. We also welcome support through our Patreon.

Q: Why should users consider supporting Androidacy?

A: Publishers like Androidacy often rely on advertising revenue to provide free content and services. Your support, either by disabling AdBlock or through membership, directly contributes to our ability to sustain and improve the services we offer.


This FAQ is designed to address any queries you may have about our use of advertisements. Ads enable us to continue offering leading-edge services in Android modification and customization. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Your continued engagement with Androidacy aids us in maintaining the elevated level of quality and innovation you’ve come to expect. Thank you.

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