Webview Manger 9.1.8

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Note: this is an updated version of the original v9.1 Webview Manager changelog.

We are pleased to announce v9.1.8 of Webview Manager in public stable channel!

This release addresses several bugs with v9, and removes the (broken) recovery install feature for the time being, until we can properly fix that install option.

Below is a full changelog:

Webview Manager v9.1.3 changes:

  • new_releasesFix issues with config.txt
  • new_releasesFix volume key selector
  • new_releasesSync with latest API updates
  • playlist_add_checkEnsure spaces in device props don’t break install
  • playlist_add_checkClean up module UI
  • playlist_add_checkSwitch to our own License
  • new_releasesCleanup code
  • spaMisc fixes

There is a known bug for a small amount of users, that the installer won’t recognize volume input until you’ve pressed the volume key twice. This has been addressed, thanks for all the feedback.

As usual, we’d like to thank the team members who contributed to this release, and our fearless beta testers. Special thanks to Zackptg5 for helping with the volume keys selector issue, and our partners for testing android 12.

This release will be rolling out to magisk manager soon.

Downloads can be found below. You may also continue browsing our site. Leave any thoughts in the comments, or see our contact page for how to get support!

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