Font Manager 4.2.12 – The Wait is Over

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Note: these were originally the release notes for 4.2.2 but they’ve been updated for 4.2.12. We don’t recommend you use 4.2.2-4.2.9 as they’re broken for a majority of users due to issues not caught in internal testing.

We are extremely pleased to announce Font Manager 4.2.12, out of beta at last!

Through our partnerships and collaborative efforts, we’ve managed to craft the best release yet: with a refined UI, fixes for arm64 users, and download backend improvements.

When you launch Font Manager v4.2.12, you’ll be greeted with a brand new UI, with speedier loading times, and slicker transitions. We’ve also simplified getting places, and made some essential functions take less time to get there. In addition, we’ve silenced some annoying debugging, and improved error handling and error messages, so if something goofs up, you can jump back in. We’ve crafted this release to get out of your way, and to provide you the best experience possible! Heck, it even installs faster.

Below you will find a more detailed changelog.

Font Manager v4.2.12 release notes

  • playlist_addImprove and tweak UI
  • playlist_add_checkImprove transitions
  • playlist_addVerify downloads for security
  • playlist_add_checkEnsure fonts exist before install
  • playlist_add_checkRework error handling for downloads
  • playlist_add_checkBetter debug logging
  • playlist_add_checkCleaned up some debugging
  • playlist_add_checkRefactored code to make it faster
  • playlist_addSwitched to wget instead of cURL
  • playlist_add_checkAdded links to main menu
  • playlist_add_checkEnsure spaces in props don’t break API requests
  • playlist_addTheme facebook messenger emojis
  • playlist_addImproved security and performance
  • spaMisc fixes
  • spaChange License to AOSL

We’d like to give special thanks to our partners for helping us craft this release, especially with addressing issues on android 12 and arm64 devices. Yes, that means Font Manager fully supports the current beta of Android 12! We’d also like to thank our testers for making this possible.

The release zip will be up on our downloads section soon. Not long after that, Magisk repository users will get the update. Please be patient, we’ve decided to do a phased rollout this time!

You can find links for support, downloads, and other site navigation below. Don’t forget to leave any feedback in the comments (but remember, support goes to the telegram group on our contact page).

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