Webview Manager 9 – It’s Here In Beta

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Hey it’s us at Androidacy again, with the latest beta update for Webview Manager.

Featuring a streamlined install experience, utilizing the Androidacy API for the best experience, this release brings many, many performance and security improvements. A lot of work went into the release, not only on the module but on our backend.

We’d like to thank Sergio (linuxct) for help with crafting our API and some optimizations. We love you and your cats!

Changelog for Webview Manager 9

  • update[Security] Don’t use eval if we can avoid it
  • update[Security] Switch to md5 for download verification, and add validation for ungoogled chromium
  • update[UX] Volume key selection of options
  • update[Performance] Switch to our homegrown API for grabbing downloads, checksums, and version information.
  • update[Bugfix] Properly respect FORCE_CONFIG
  • update[Bugfix] API might report it’s offline when it’s not
  • update[Bugfix] Overlay building failing on a handful of ROMs

Please note this is a beta release, and as such may still have some bugs. We encourage you to report them via our Telegram group, the link of which is on our contact page.

Downloads are below. Leave your thoughts in the comments, or follow the links below!

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