Font Manager 4.0 release series

font manager

The first beta release of the 4.x series of Font Manager is finally here!

This release brings significant improvements to internal storage detection, downloads, UI, and so much more! Below you will find a full changelog.

Changelog for Font Manager

  • spaUpdates to UI/UX
  • spaUpdate download functions
  • spaImprovements to debugging
  • spaImprovements to compatibility
  • spaSeparate out some logic
  • spaFix reboot for some users
  • spaUpdate to latest API for fetching fonts, lists, and emojis
  • spaMisc fixes and improvements

As usual we’d like to thank everyone on the team who contributed, along with some external help. Without everyone involved this release couldn’t happen.

If you hit a bug head to our contact page to find out how to get support.

Note that once this hits stable, our old API will be deprecated and removed breaking the old modules.

Also, stay tuned for the ability to preview those fonts in Font Manager on our website!

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