Webview Manager 8.2.x beta

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We are extremely pleased to announce the latest beta for Webview Manager, in the 8.2 series. This release is a huge feature release and bugfix release.

This may end up being 9.0 series as it contains several breaking changes.

Note for config.txt users: the format has changed. You may either use the volume keys option, or review the updated file for instructions. As usual config.txt is in the root of the zip.

What’s new in Webview Manager?

  • spaAdded volume keys selection of options
  • spaUpdated config.txt
  • spaSwitched to new server API
  • spaRemove aria2c and curl for better reliability
  • spaMore reliably detect download errors
  • spaBetter error logging
  • spaImproved compatibility for a few devices
  • spaOptimization of core code

Please note once this reaches stable we will deactivate the old server API and old versions will no longer work.

We’d like to thank everyone on the team for their contributions.

Hit a bug? Head to our contact page to find out how to get support!

Download v8.2.0_beta1 from the link below!

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