Font Manager 4.0 beta 2 is here

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The wait for Font Manager is over, the developers have put in the hours, the testers have tested all the tests, and we’ve debugged all the bugs. Yes, even that one.

We’re pleased to announce the first release candidate and second beta of Font Manager. This release is focused on stability, and performance Improvements, and may be a candidate for stable release.

We’d like to thank the testers, and everyone else who helped with this release on the team. A special thanks to Sergio (linuxct) from the Descendant team for helping us get the API sorted, and for the cat pictures we didn’t know we needed.

Changelog for Font Manager

  • arrow_forward_ios[Performance] Switch to new API
  • arrow_forward_ios[UX] Updated some logic to provide a more seamless experience
  • arrow_forward_ios[UI] Optimized install logic
  • arrow_forward_ios[Bugfix] Improved compatibility in some scenarios

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Downloads are below. You may also navigate using the buttons below.

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