Font Manager 4 Stable

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Font Manager 4 is now available as general availability and is considered stable, suitable for daily use and will satisfy your font and emoji needs.

Font Manager 4 is a near rewrite of Font Manager 3, which effective immediately is considered deprecated, and users are encouraged to migrate to 4 ASAP.

In Font Manager 4, we have made everything better: from UI touchups, to UX improvements, and more. We’ve refined the reboot function, rewrote the download function for stability, and switched to AndroidacyAPI on the back-end to serve you better,

This release has been thoroughly tested in public beta, and we’d like to thank all the brave souls that did the testing.

Font Manager 4 changelog

  • fiber_newSwitched to AndroidacyAPI
  • new_releasesRefactored almost the whole codebase
  • fiber_newAdd several new fonts and emojis
  • new_releasesOptimize lists download function
  • new_releasesGroundwork for file verification
  • new_releasesImprove compatibility
  • new_releasesPrevent a rare but possible bootloop
  • new_releasesFixes for ROMs breaking API

As always, we’d like to thank all of the team for the development that went into this release, and all the testers for verifying it works! In addition, we’d like to thank Sergio (linuxct) from the Descendant team for his expertise in helping us stabilize our API and the late night help and cat pictures.

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For any issues, head to the telegram group linked on our contact page, and leave any thoughts in the comments!

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