Font Manager 5.1.7

new project 37 [e84b894]

These are the release notes for 5.1.7, a patch release in the 5.1.x series.

In this release, we’ve patched some performance regressions and tweaked the UI, in addition to bumping the API library to 1.2.1

We would like to note preliminary reports suggest some of the issues are caused by users using a VPN, which doesn’t play well with root apps like this one. If you face issues, try disabling any VPN or similar.

We’re also pleased to bring back support for nougat!

Font Manager changlog:

  • Update API library to V1.2.1
  • Optimize landing screen UI
  • Fix potential issue with update checker
  • Drop supported SDK back down to 24 (nougat)
  • Further refine error handling
  • Fix the race condition between API status check and token verification
  • Update API endpoint to new one.

We would like to thank our partners and our testers for helping in this release along with a special shout out to our network administrator for helping with the API rollout.

Downloads may be found below. Leave any thoughts about this changlog in the comments.

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