Font Manager v5

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We are excited to announce Font Manager v5.1.3, the first stable in the 5.x series, with many changes.

This release is the culmination of hundreds of hard work from all of our current members, and outside collaborators. Every detail has been perfected, every bug we know of squashed.

While this is true, we also have introduced a few breaking changes, whether for performance or codebase shrinking. Those changes will be listed below.

In addition, in a few days, once this release has made it to > 50% of users, the old API will be completely shut down, and older versions will stop working.

Let’s dive right on into the change-log.

Main changes

Improve performance
Optimize the selection process
Adapt to upstream API changes
Add fonts and emojis
The usual housekeeping
Optimized download code

Breaking changes

Switch to new API
Add support for user tokens – for supporters

Potential questions, answered

Downloads and how to get support may be found in the links below. Leave any thoughts on this post in the comments.

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