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Magisk Module Download Simplified: FoxMMM 2.0.2

magisk module download

Magisk module download easier with the release of Fox’s Magisk Module Manager 2.0.2


Welcome to the latest release of Fox’s Magisk Module Manager (FoxMMM) version 2.0.2, as always helping you to download magisk modules easily and fast! We have been hard at work improving the app for our technical audience, while keeping things simple and user-friendly. This update brings a host of important bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements that will make your magisk module download experience better than ever. As always, the app will remain free and open-source for the foreseeable future.

Fixes Galore to help you magisk module download

In this release, we addressed the root denied bug that we introduced in version 2.0.1. Previously, the progress bar would not be visible while loading repos. We fixed that bug. This will ensure that you’ll know when you can start a magisk module download or install. have also made various security fixes, including a solution to a race condition that could cause the app to become unusable after crashing once. Additionally, we have resolved the issue of the app crashing on migration from v1.1.0. However, preferences will be forcibly reset during the upgrade process.

Enhancements and Optimizations

We have focused on optimizing the code size and updating dependencies in this release, as well as compiling the app with Java 19 for better performance. The Chinese translation is fixed and will show in-app now. In addition, the app now hides the search bar on scrolling down to avoid overlapping with buttons. We have implemented a proper solution for YouTube Vanced and similar modules that previously failed to install. Upgradable magisk modules should now show up correctly in the online tab.

Ownership and Future Plans

We are excited to announce that Androidacy has fully taken over FoxMMM development and supprt. This will allow us to dedicate more resources to development and improve the app. This will also free up Fox2Code to work on even greater projects. This means it’ll be even easier to work with the magisk module download and install process. This is the last release with code pushed to Future releases will have code released at with a new name and icon. However, the package name and signature will remain unchanged for compatibility reasons.

A Reminder for Users

Regrettably, the upgrade process will reset all settings during this transition. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we believe these changes will make your experience with FoxMMM even better. Rest assured, the app will continue to be free and open-source for the foreseeable future.

Closing – The best way to do a magisk module download

Thank you for your support and for choosing Fox’s Magisk Module Manager for your magisk module download needs. We hope you enjoy the improvements and bug fixes in version 2.0.2. Don’t forget to download the latest release at and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

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