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Magisk Module Manager v2.0.1

foxmmm magisk module manager v2.0.1

Edit 04/28: This build may have serious issues for some non AOSP ROMs. We are investigating the issue. In addition, the build will require a full app data wipe to start in all cases. A future build will resolve the first issue. The original article is below.

Hey there, Androidacy fans and fellow Magisk aficionados! Embrace the future because today, we’re announcing the release of Fox’s Magisk Module Manager v2.0.1 (FoxMMM). This is a game-changing update that takes your favorite Magisk Module Manager to a whole new level. The slick new UI, enhanced performance, and myriad of other improvements will amaze you, and you can explore and use them all. So, buckle up and let’s dive in!

Download FoxMMM v2.0.1 here:

A UI Designed to Impress: The FoxMMM Magisk Module Manager Experience

One of the most striking changes in FoxMMM v2.0.1 is its revamped UI, designed to boost usability and efficiency. The new interface now separates local and online Magisk modules into their own lists, making it a breeze to navigate through your favorite modules. The Inter font is now in use for its superior readability.

Settings, Security, and More: FoxMMM’s Magisk Module Manager Has You Covered

We know how much you love tinkering with settings! The updated FoxMMM comes with reorganized settings that are more user-friendly than ever. Shared preferences are now encrypted for additional security. Also, users can now opt in to send additional information in crash reports or analytics to help our developers understand how the app is being used.

A Speedy Magisk Module Manager: FoxMMM v2.0.1 Performance Enhancements

Feel the need for speed? FoxMMM’s got your back! The new version significantly improves the app’s performance, speed, and responsiveness, while also reducing memory usage. We switched to Realm database for list caching and repo management, making your Magisk Module Manager experience faster and smoother than ever.

Stay Updated with the FoxMMM Magisk Module Manager: New Features and Improvements

FoxMMM v2.0.1 brings a plethora of new features, like improved background update checker, better search functionality, and new setup flow. You can now exclude specific modules from automatic update checks. The app is also migrating to Kotlin, and it has applied optimizations to decrease the size of the APK.

Get Ready for an Exciting Deal: 50% Off Your First Month of Androidacy Premium

Here’s the cherry on top: users who subscribe to Androidacy premium from within the app get a 50% discount on their first month. That’s right, half off! It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting us in our journey to make the best Magisk Module Manager out there.

Important Note: Upgrade Compatibility

Please note that users may need to clear app data once when upgrading from v1.1 or earlier builds due to incompatibility with preference storage used in those builds. But hey, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, right?

Help Us Improve: Contribute to Translations

Several languages are being dropped due to them not being at 60% translation. But worry not, you can lend a hand by going to, and help make FoxMMM even more accessible to everyone.

Stay Tuned for More Updates: Font Manager and WebView Manager Modules

Excited about what’s coming next? So are we! Watch out for our upcoming updates on the Font Manager and *WebView Manager

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