FontRevival – Magisk module for fonts and emojis

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It’s the dawn of a new module

I’m pleased to announce that FontRevival is now out in stable! After a couple months of testing and several bugfixes it is now out.

What it can do – 200+ Fonts and Emojis in a Magisk Module

FontRevival is your one stop magisk module for all your fonts and emojis. With an easy to follow TUI (Terminal User Interface) this module will have you up and running in no time!

With currently over 200 fonts and emojis, you are sure to find your pace: from the curves of Comfortaa to the old school Mono fonts, from JoyPixels to iOS 13.2 emojis. You can easily switch which one is active with a few commands and a couple minutes of your time.

PLEASE NOTE at this time there is no support for font patching or manually provided fonts. This may change in the future but is very low on my priority list.

How to use it

Usage is simple! Just install the module and reboot, then fire up a terminal emulator (I recommend Termux or over ADB).

Then type

su -c fontrevive

And follow the on-screen instructions; select 1 for fonts, 2 for emojis, then type one of the options available in the magisk module.


The downloads are currently on my filehost, click the button below!

This module will hopefully be available on the official Magisk Modules Repo soon.

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