Font Previewer – Live Now

font manager

A Font Previewer has been requested millions of times, and it’s finally here.

Announcing the public availability of Font Previewer by Androidacy.

Font Previewer is the result of collabororation with the team, along with external contributions.

Currently, it can show a current list of either fonts or emojis available in Font Manager. It can also preview any font available from Google Fonts. Note it cannot verbatim preview every font in Font Manager as of now. This may change in future updates, stay tuned!

Key features

  • arrow_forward_iosPreview any google font
  • arrow_forward_iosGet a current list of available fonts
  • arrow_forward_iosGet a current list of available emojis
  • arrow_forward_iosEasy to navigate
  • arrow_forward_iosClear indication of current preview of font
  • add_alertMore coming soon…

What are you waiting for? Head to the page now!

You may download Font Manager from the links below, or navigate our site. Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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