Font Manager 4.2 beta – Release Notes

font manager

We are very pleased to announce the general availability of Font Manager 4.2, in beta now for your font theming pleasure.

Font Manager 4.2 builds on the foundations in 4.1 to provide a more robust font and emoji solution, that’s even easier to use than ever. We make you type less, give you easy access to font previews and donations, along with significantly overhaul parts of the module to make it snappier, and more easy to use. We have to say, not tooting our horn or anything (EDITOR’S NOTE: hell yes we are!), this is our best release yet.

Below you will find a more detailed changelog.

Font Manager 4.2 beta 2 changes:

  • arrow_forward_iosSplit long lists into multiple pages
  • arrow_forward_iosRemove redundant internet checks
  • arrow_forward_iosImprove error handling
  • arrow_forward_iosAdd ability to directly go to font preview or donate
  • arrow_forward_iosImprove several internal functions
  • arrow_forward_iosOptimized functions to improve performance
  • new_releasesAdd more fonts and emojis

Please note as of currently, there are no fonts or emojis with Unicode 14 support (as there are no apps especially keyboards that properly implement support), and as with all betas and Developer Previews, Android 12 is not officially supported. Once the API is frozen for Android 12 (usually August), we will work on bringing explicit support.

We’d like to thank our partners on the Descendant team for help with testing, and of course our own team for their updates to the API (v3.3 should be significantly faster!) and working on the Font Manager codebase. In addition, we’d like to thank the users that provided feedback on the old selection method. We couldn’t do it without any of you.

You can download Font Manager from the buttons below, or otherwise navigate our site. As a reminder, our donation page needs some love too, so if you like our work, hit that up!

Leave any feedback in the comments. Support requests should go to our Telegram group linked on our Contact page, which you will find linked below.

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