Font Manager v5

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Alright, who let the intern handle scheduling again? Oh yeah, that was me. Crap.

But hey, better late than never!

We are extremely pleased to announce the first beta of Font Manager 5! While not as major as 4, there are still some breaking changes, and loads of improvements.

With v5, we’ve switch to the beta API, which should has been designed from the ground up to be scalable, flexible, and available for everyone.

To that end, we’ve introduced some limits: rate limiting (which we hope you never hit) and a download speed limit of 2MB/s (approx.). This applies to our website AND modules. You may lift these limits, and get ad-free, by backing us on Patreon at the Pro level or higher, and linking your account.

We’ve also made loads of improvements to the module itself, like improving the menu options, removing some defunct options, and more!

Changes for font manager

New and notable:

  • We’ve increased the timeout for verifying and downloads
  • We’ve simplified the codebase
  • We’ve update most of our emojis to unicode 13+
  • We’ve added new fonts, and started updating others
  • API interactions are handled via our custom library now
  • API information is saved between modules

Potentially breaking

  • Some fonts have a new format
  • We’ve changed API authentication. From now on, credentials are stored in /sdcard/.androidacy.
  • We’ve made tweaks to formatting
  • New API is used. Once v5 is considered stable, the old api will be deprecated and shut down.
  • We’ve introduced slower downloads for free users. This helps us ensure service availability for everyone.

Other notable changes

We have new icon artwork, courtesy of our new designer.

There’s also the aforementioned server-side changes.

Help! Download is slow

That’s a new API limitation. In order to ensure we can continue to handle the thousands of requests an hour (and ever-increasing) we receive, we had to impose some limits. One of those is a speed limit.

The good news is, for less than the price of a coffee a month, you can remove those limits entirely. Simply head to our Patreon page and select the Pro plan or higher, Take your time, I’ll wait here. *opens bag of candy* *oooh it’s Reeses, love those*

Okay. Back? Now login to our site and hit the “Login with Patreon” button, and go through the process to link your account.

Then once logged in, if you’re not already directed there, head to your profile page and scroll down to “API Authentication” . Beside Access, make sure it says something about ad-free. If it doesn’t, give it a couple minutes, and maybe check out our blog while you wait. Be patient, it may take a few minutes for our system to sync with Patreon!

Once it mentions ad-free, copy the value beside “Token” (should be 32 characters long) and paste it in .androidacy (exact file name including the dot) in the root of your internal storage. This way, the module will pick up the new token and use it. Then enjoy full speed file downloads!

That’s all for now. Leave any thoughts in the comments! Download link is in the buttons below.

Meanwhile, we have a couple apps to work on.

Wait. What apps?

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