Font Manager v5.4.4 released!

new project 37 [e84b894]

We’re excited to announce a new release of Font Manager, generally available as of today to a majority of users.

In this release, we’ve further refined the script running experience and sped up install. In addition, we updated the API library, with fixes for error handling and more.

Features implemented:

  • Implement more links for easy access
  • Lay groundwork for translations
    • Testing is currently limited to internal Q&A team, stay tuned for public beta
  • Add sentry for error logging
    • No PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is sent off device
    • This allows us to spot and fix errors faster – this release wouldn’t have been possible without it!
  • Rework the installer to use Bash instead of Magisk’s rather limited Ash shell
    • We’re currently investigating a possible issue with script errors not properly exiting the installer

Bug Fixes and improvements:

  • Improve error handling
    • Don’t abort install on the first API failure, instead try at least three times
  • Better credential fetch behavior
  • Improve logging
  • Separate error logs and debug logs
  • Usual maintenance of fonts and emojis
    • Emojis are not supported on Android 12 pending further development but fonts should now work as expected
  • Update fonts.xml patching logic
    • This should mean more places and devices should now use the proper font. Versions since v5 had a hidden bug where fonts.xml would silently fail to be patched resulting in an inconsistent experience for users.

We’d like to thank the countless bug reports that made this possible, and the development team for making this release possible. A special shoutout to our sysadmin for the recent API speed improvements, and a huge thank you to our Subscribers and supporters. Without you, we wouldn’t still be here.

We also recently purchased a server hardware upgrade, which means we will better be able to keep up with the volume of API requests and website visitors. As a reminder, you support us and help pay our bills simply by browsing our website with advertising. If you’d like to remove ads, see the previous Subscribers link.

Thoughts? Questions? Leave ’em in the comments, or head on over to our Contact page.

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