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Font Manager Update v5.7.2 – ready for you!

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We are excited to announce an update to our popular Font Manager, continuing the 5.7 series and bringing with it a handful of improvements and bug fixes.

Please note until V6 font manager uses the old API which has seen a serious slowdown in recent days owing to it scaling beyond what it was originally designed to. This is directly leading to the slow loading times of the script, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to battle test the next major update.

This release adds a new font preservation installation step for module upgrades. This means from now on, font and emoji selection should not reset on upgrades, unless there are breaking changes. Please note this is experimental currently and may not work under certain circumstances, like if the user has selected incompatible fonts or the previous font manager install is faulty.

This font manager update also further fine tunes the workaround for Android 12 and later, which should improve the display of bold fonts in some apps.

We’ve also moved the GMS font workaround for our users on Android 11 and newer to install, instead of on font selection, for a more stable experience. This workaround ensures Google Mobile Services (GMS, or Google Play Services) won’t update the fonts manually and override our custom system level fonts. This workaround may not work with fonts from OEM theme stores. Please disable any font themes on Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus devices especially.

We’d also like to remind users font manager requires the user to select the default or Roboto font if possible on their device. Theming OEM or other custom fonts isn’t supported and never will be. In addition, some apps may use their own custom fonts, which except in some limited cases, we currently have no workaround for.

That’s all for this update, until next time. You may download the latest using the button below 👇.

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