Font Manager update v5.7.1 is out now

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Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Font Manager update v5.7.1, the last minor patch in the 5 series. V6 is being worked on internally but we felt this update was urgent enough to release.

Today’s font manager update addresses a number of bugs, and adds preliminary support for Android 12+ (which uses variable fonts). Below you will find the full changelog.

Fixed bugs around loading spinner by removing it
Ensure we wait for download to finish before checking status
Remove buggy signature verification (will be added back in V6 but the old API font manager uses is failing to generate checksums)
Remove defunct logger
Misc fixes and improvements

WebView Manager also saw a recent patch update to address various bugs.

You may download them from the Module Repository. We’re still working on new major updates for both so stay tuned!

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