Androidacy February update: API updates, repos, and more

androidacy february updates

We are back again with the Androidacy February update. This update is to keep you posted on what we’ve been and/or will be working on. There’s the usual housekeeping, and a couple exciting new features.

Overall, it’s been a pretty quiet month for us as we plan for bigger updates and work on them. With that, here’s what is fresh and new from us.

API Androidacy February update

Behind the scenes, we’ve added caching to more database queries on the backend. That means less time spent on sometimes expensive database lookups, and more focus is put on getting the response to the client faster. You’ll see upwards of 1.5 times faster responses from the API because of these changes and more. We’ve also fixed a bug where because of caching, sometimes it would take several days for subscriber status to update, resulting in some users not seeing ad-free after they subscribe.

We’ve also implemented Argo Smart Routing and Cloudflare Tunnel both to better secure our infrastructure, and to get things to our end users faster. On average, we’ve seen a 37% reduction in transit times for requests, and up to a 27% decrease in connection errors.

Infrastructure updates

Androidacy has put into practice several things to better secure, scale, and optimize our infrastructure and servers. In addition, we moved our servers from Finland to the United States. All of this has allowed us to cut costs, while improving user experience.

We’ve also started working on a proprietary system to better instantly scale our infrastructure on-demand, allowing us to manage costs and high-volume traffic better. We cannot wait to demonstrate it to our partners.

Modules in the Androidacy February update

WebView Manager was updated to v10.4.1. This update addresses the recent bromite package name change and adds a variety of fixes and documentation updates.

Font Manager has a few backend changes in the git repository. No new version was released as of the time of writing.

Leaving Magisk-Modules-Repo

We have pulled both Font Manager and WebView Manager from the magisk-modules-repo GitHub organization. Because of the deprecation in official Magisk Manager, there was no point in keeping a mirror of our modules on the now defunct organization.

The buttons below will take you to the repos under the Androidacy organization. From this point, these are the only public mirrors of the modules source code.

As a reminder, our modules are available on our Magisk Modules Repository web app. Also, if you keep the “Androidacy” repo enabled in Fox’s Magisk Module Manager (FoxMMM), you can directly install our modules and many more in-app.

Final remarks

Most of the updates this month are pretty small, but never fear. We have exciting news in the pipeline. Can’t share more now though, our overlord project lead wouldn’t want that. Stay tuned for another post in March, possibly with news of said updates. We won’t tease a Font Manager GUI much longer, I promise! Wait…. what GUI? Have I said too much?

Androidacy out. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, don’t forget to join our Telegram group and channel for news and updates. We’d love to hang out with you in the group!

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