To the Ukraine members of our community


Androidacy would like to extend our heartfelt support to the members of our community with family in friends in, or are themselves currently in Ukraine. Androidacy has the general stance that no war is good war, and this is no different.

We extend this to everybody, no matter which side you’re on and if you’re on a side in the Russia-Ukraine conflict: we stand stronger when we stand together. Humanity dies in isolated darkness. We believe we will get through this, together, and come out stronger.

You can follow the conflict from the news sources below and more. Please note Androidacy is not affiliated with and does not endorse these news outlets over any other.

Advice for the Ukraine conflict

Note: this is in no way official advice, and we recommend to follow the local rules and to do what is best for your situation.

Please remember to always stay calm. Fear spreads faster than the flames from any weapon, and is the enemies number one weapon. Take deep breaths, eat enough food and drink enough water, and get some sleep. Yes, get some sleep: however stressed you are now, no sleep will make it even worse.

If worst comes to worse, take shelter. Do not hesitate, and do not slow down: if the situation comes to worst, take shelter immediately at your closest shelter or in a safe spot in your neighborhood.

Emigrate from Ukraine

Several countries, including Poland, that neighbor Ukraine, are accepting immigrants from Ukraine. Whatever else you heard online, unless from an official government source, is false. Poland’s border is still open. As being circulated on Reddit:

TL;DR immigration is still being accepted into those countries, whatever else you hear online.

Helpful Resources

There are many resources, both for those in and out of Ukraine, to help the situation, get people to safety, and to get them aid. Here’s a few that we found most useful. Please note that there are many more, and one key form of support you can provide is to express your support for the Ukrainian people and to speak out against dictatorships.

Androidacy stands with and by our Ukrainian community members, and is committed to helping in every way we can.

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