WebView Manager 10.1.2 – Release Notes

new project 38 [f5ca36f]

This release is primarily a maintenance release, with a couple new features.

We focused on stability this release and that means a couple shiny new features didn’t make it in – but don’t worry, we’re still polishing those up!

We’ve streamlined the steps necessary for our supporters to enjoy faster downloads in our modules, updated some core libraries, and more!

We hope these changes will help you switch WebView or manage your browser faster than ever, and make your experience smooth.

Changelog for 10.1.2

Updated API library to 1.3.2
Added module update checking, in preparation of the removal of the main Magisk Module repository
Improved update checking
The usual housekeeping

We’d as usual like to thank the team behind the release, and our users.

A note on the repository: we enjoyed a boost from the visibility there. We were able to make many more users happy with their Android device, and reach many others. With the disappearance of that, we lose that. So if you enjoy this module, please, share it! That helps is keep developing it.

Notes for supporters

The old ‘.androidacy’ file is no longer used. You’ll instead find a “Download credentials” button on your profile page. You’ll want to place the downloaded file in the root of your internal storage.

Remember, faster downloads and adfree are only available to supporters on the Pro tier or higher who’ve linked their Patreon account to our site.

Downloads and how to get support may be found below. This release will be rolled out to Magisk manager shortly.

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