Not an April Fools – docs, updates, and custom fonts

April Fools

No, it’s not an April fools’ joke this time – promise! Look, I know the whole 100 rabbits in the server room didn’t go over well, but at least we got them out, right? This isn’t a revenge prank. But please, whoever sent them, don’t do it again. I still have nightmares.

We’re happy to announce some new additions to our site and modules, and various other fixes.

Let’s dive right on in. *shudders from the rabbit nightmare*

Module Updates

Thanks to our automatic update system, the updates are live in our modules repo. These include the usual bugfixes and much more.

WebView Manager

Webview Manager has been updated to 10.5.1. This release includes the following:

  • Update apiClient to the latest to address bugs
  • Fix-up some code related to volume key input
  • Lay the groundwork for a dynamic server-side list of webviews and browsers
  • EXPERIMENTAL Add config.conf support.
  • Rework some replacement logic
  • Fix miscellaneous other bugs
  • JOB SECURITY Add more bugs to fix later

Font Manager

Font Manager has been updated to 5.6.4. Here’s what’s fresh and new, and not-so-new:

  • Bumped apiClient to latest
  • Rework some internal logic
  • EXPERIMENTAL Custom fonts support
  • The usual bugfixes

API Updates – still not April Fools

We’ve been as usual updating our API in the background to make it better. And we think we did a good job.

SDK updates

Our code monkeys, I mean developers, are hard at work making your experience better, all of which is powered by our wonderful API SDKs.

  • Proactively check and diagnose connectivity
  • Switched from MD5 digests to SHA256
  • Fix some bugs with FoxMMM downloads
  • Show VirusTotal status where applicable

Server updates

Oh yes, the mythical server in the cloud beast. That saw a fair share of updates too. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Improved cache response times
  • Reduce database calls
  • Expose VirusTotal results in some scenarios


That’s right, we added some documentation for our modules and more! More to come soon, but for now we have usage and installation instructions for both Font Manager and WebView Manager. Why don’t you go take a look? I know how much you love reading, after all!


That’s all for now. Meanwhile, make sure to update everything to the latest, and until next time, sayonara!

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