Magisk v21 release

Note: this is a beta release.

This release has been in the works for awhile, with many canary versions each one adding or improving things.

There’s an all-new Material Design 2 theme, more theming options, and better organization for easier access to what you need when you need it.

Magisk gets support for android 11, better hiding of root, and significantly reworked module logic (including a command line option to install modules!).

I’ll say, in the time I’ve been running it, John Wu has pulled another one of his magic tricks, especially getting magisk working on android 11 devices and a handful of new Samsung devices. I’ve encountered no bugs so I encourage everyone to try it!

To see the full changelog head to Github

To get it: Go to magisk manager -> Settings -> Change update channel -> Select Beta. Go back to the home screen and install any updates. Then reboot and voilá!

Do you like the new release? Let me know in the comments!

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