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Magisk Module Manager New Version: v2.1.1!

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Enhance your Android experience with the latest Fox’s Magisk Module Manager update by Androidacy


Are you an avid Android user looking to upgrade your experience? Look no further! A Fox’s Magisk Module Manager new version (FoxMMM) is now available. With the latest update to version 2.1.1, users will enjoy improved stability and performance. Read on to discover the key changes and what’s in store for the future of FoxMMM.

What’s New in Magisk Module Manager new version v2.1.1?

Fixes for Versions Exclusions Parsing

In the new version, module updates can be ignored by version, thanks to the fixes in versions exclusions parsing. This makes it easier for users to manage their module updates.

Crash Fixes

FoxMMM v2.1.1 addresses an occasional crash that occurred when users had blur turned on. However, note that blur may not work on a few devices anymore due to these fixes.

Java 17 for Building

The update switches back to Java 17 for building, as some users, particularly those on Debian, were unable to access Java 19.

Updated Translations

The new version comes with updated translations for an improved user experience across different languages.

Edge Case Crash Fixes

FoxMMM v2.1.1 also fixes a few edge case crashes, ensuring better stability for users.

Upgrade Status Display Fix

The latest version resolves an issue where the settings sometimes incorrectly showed the upgrade status.

No Major Features or Breakages in this Magisk Module Manager new version

This build focuses on improvements and bug fixes rather than introducing major features or breakages. This means users can confidently upgrade without worrying about losing functionality or compatibility.

Future Plans for FoxMMM

Rebranding the App

To better fit the Androidacy ecosystem, the developers plan to rebrand the app in the near future, most likely in the next magisk module manager new version.

Tighter API Integration

Expect tighter integration with the Androidacy API to ease the development of new features.

Module Creation Wizard

A module creation wizard is in the works, making it even simpler for users to create custom modules.

App Systemizer and System App Debloater

The future of FoxMMM will include an app systemizer and a system app debloater, offering more functionality and customization for users. This may come in the next major magisk module manager new version.

Known Bugs

Out of Memory (OOM) Crash

Users might experience an OOM crash if they add a lot of repos with many modules. This issue is being investigated.

Rare Race Condition

Under specific conditions, a rare race condition may cause undesirable behavior. Developers are working to resolve this issue.


Upgrade to FoxMMM v2.1.1 today and enjoy the stability, performance, and enhancements it offers! This magisk module manager new version addresses several issues and sets the stage for exciting new features in future releases. You can view the commits in the release here. If you’re not already a user, consider installing the app to take advantage of the customization and control it provides for your Android device.

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