FoxMMM update v0.6.8 is out now

foxmmm update

We are extremely excited to announce the release of v0.6.8 of Fox’s Magisk Module Manager (FoxMMM). This release brings a whole raft of improvements, updates, fixes, and invites you over to the dark(er) side.

Let’s dive right on in. There’s probably no sharks in here!

FoxMMM Androidacy integration improved

We’ve worked hard to improve the Androidacy integration, to ensure a fast, fair, and safe implementation. This release includes the latest private 7.1.3 spec, which includes new client ID and device ID requirements to combat fraud and API misuse. We’d like to remind the public that the Androidacy API is not intended for public usage, and any usage requires an agreement with Androidacy.

Tokens are now limited to 10 devices, and FoxMMM has been fixed to properly represent a device to the API, so that you don’t eat through your quota as fast.

We also fixed a handful of typos that broke the integration in a few situations, in addition to fixing custom API key usage.

Gotta go fast(er)

We’re happy to say we’ve significantly improved the speed of loading the repos and app, up to threefold in our testing. This allows you to get more done, faster, without waiting seven or more seconds for everything to load.

We swapped out normal OkHttp for Cronet, a faster network stack derived from Chromium that includes many optimizations to lower latency and increase speed, along with support for HTTP/3 over QUIC. QUIC has significantly better performance on bad network and mobile connections, and the app can now benefit from that.

In addition, we’ve made various small fixes to key components such as the repo updater that should result in a nice boost as well.

FoxMMM respects your notifications now

Previously, to deal with changes in android 13, FoxMMM would brute force enable the notification permission. We felt that was kind of disrespectful to users who may want to opt out.

The good news is – the app will ask nicely now! Plus, we made it so that the background update checker makes sure notifications are permitted, so that it’s valiant work is not in vain. Win-win all around.

Come over to the dark side, won’t you?

It’s easier than ever now with a new black mode. Featuring darker colors and a black background, this new theme will please night owls and save you battery on OLED screens.

Dark doesn’t always have to mean evil. Isn’t that assumption kind of unfair, anyway?

And the rest

We’ve updated dependencies, made some tweaks, and more, to make this the best release yet. APK bundle size has increased in this release due to newer dependencies. We hope to shrink it back down soon.

Also, this release was mostly coded by us and released by us, owning to Fox2Code’s declining health. We hope to have him back fully soon, but are happy to temporarily take over on his behalf for the time being.

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