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Fonts to be revived
Fonts to be revived

It’s finally here, the new module to theme both fonts and Emojis in a simple use format.

After the stoppage of Fontchanger, many people were left without an easy all in one fonts and Emojis solution. The zips disappeared and later the fonts and Emojis off the download server John Fawkes used.

Sure, there exists many single emoji or single font modules but none of them allow you to choose from over two hundred fonts and Emojis.

It took a couple months and a handful of alphas but it’s here. FontRevival is here to serve your font and emohi theming needs.

The name is derived from Font and Revival (no kidding!). Font for obvious reasons, and Revival because it won’t just revive your boring device with fancy text or emojis but because it’s a Revival of sorts for a module like Fontchanger.

As of now the module supports all the fonts and all the emojis Fontchanger did with plans to add new ones soon.

Please note that custom fonts are NOT supported at this time and it’s not a high priority to ever be supported.

In addition, this module is neither developed by nor endorsed in any way by John Fawkes, the creator of Fontchanger and who holds the copyright for Fontchanger.

To use it, open a terminal emulator (I recommend Termux) and type su -c fontrevive and hit enter. After that, follow the onscreen prompts.

If you ever need help, feel free to give me the logs in /sdcard/FontRevival at my Telegram Group.

The module is licensed under Apache-2.0.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading and download it now!

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