Androidacy-NEXT, stage 3

We are extremely please to announce stage three of Androidacy-NEXT, the fruit of days of hard work, and cooperation within our team and with other teams and people.

You may have noticed site refreshes, downloads v2, and more has already been live, hence why we skipped stage 2 announcement.

Behind the scenes, we’ve optimized and updated our server, reworked our set of custom libraries, and more!

Here’s some highlights of stage 3:

New and improved:

  • Optimize site (thanks to WP Rocket)
  • New logo
  • Fix ad-free
  • Optimized server software
  • Update backend to PHP8
  • Change free downloads from 1.5MB/s to 2MB/s
  • Update site based on feedback

Breaking changes:

  • None

We’ll be releasing betas of Webview Manager and Font Manager in the next day or so, watch our blog for the release posts!

In addition, HUGE thanks to @kerichuu on Telegram for designing our new logo, and as such, he’s now officially our new Designer!

As a reminder, we’re ad supported, and Androidacy-NEXT further improves on this by letting you disable ads. For less than the price of a coffee, you can disable ads, get access to fast downloads, and more! Find out more:

In addition, we’ve updated our Terms, Privacy Policy, and more, which we encourage you to check out.

We thank everyone involved in this huge project, and you, our user. Without everyone, this would not be possible.

Until next time.

Thoughts? Drop ’em in the comments. Or, head to our contact page to subscribe for announcements and to chat with fellow users just like you.

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