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Androidacy Module Manager (AMM) 2.2.1 Release

Androidacy Module Manager new update

We are thrilled to announce the availability of the 2.2.1 release of Fox’s Magisk Module Manager (FoxMMM), now rebranded as Androidacy Module Manager (AMM). This transformational tool serves as your gateway to seamless management of Magisk modules, supporting the discovery, download, installation, and organization of modules in a simple and intuitive fashion.

A New Chapter: Androidacy Module Manager

This release represents more than an upgrade. It’s the dawning of a new chapter for our tool, now known as the Androidacy Module Manager (AMM). Along with this new identity, we’ve incorporated substantial updates, optimizations, and feature changes to enhance your Android customization and tweaking journey.

Code Migration & Optimizations

In this version, we’ve migrated our entire codebase to Kotlin. This change promises improved performance, reliability, and maintainability. Further improving on our performance optimization, we’ve also made significant enhancements to local zip installation processes. Installing certain zips should bo longer result in error messages or crashes.

A Refined User Interface for Androidacy Module Manager

AMM 2.2.1 brings an overhaul to the user interface, optimizing the setup screen for a smoother, more user-friendly experience. Our aim is to simplify the module management process for all users, irrespective of their Android expertise. We’ve also added a handy reboot button on the main screen, and tweaked things here and there.

Improvements & Fixes

As with any development cycle, resolving bugs and crashes is paramount. This release is no exception. We’ve addressed several bugs, including an installer edge case and a problem with build expiration for debug builds, leading to increased stability. Additionally, we’ve moved away from Realm and adopted Room, ensuring a more robust data handling backend.

Upgraded Networking & Connectivity Detection

We’ve updated our networking stack for Androidacy Module Manager, promising more reliable data transactions and updates. Furthermore, our improved connectivity detection will mitigate connection-related issues, enhancing the overall user experience. However, bear in mind that bad connectivity may still cause crashing in a few edge cases.

Job Security

We’ve purposefully added more bugs for us to fix later – because job security is crucial! Don’t tell our boss please.

New Translations & Branding

Continuing our commitment to inclusivity, we’ve updated our translations, adding Greek and Spanish while removing Romanian. Accompanying our rebranding as Androidacy Module Manager or AMM, we’ve updated the branding and theme for a fresh and contemporary look.

Androidacy Module Manager Upcoming Plans

As we continue to grow and evolve, we have chosen not to support the MRepo module list format, as no major repository currently supports it. Also, while we’re considering KernelSU support, it isn’t in the current development plan for Androidacy Module Manager.

Download Today

Ready to start your new Android tweaking journey? You can download the Androidacy Module Manager 2.2.1 here. While we’ve made every effort to ensure this version’s stability, some installed modules might get stuck in a blurry state due to pending installation or update.

The Androidacy team is excited about this new chapter. We look forward to supporting your Android customization and tweaking adventures with our upgraded app.

Please note: there might still be a few hiccups. We appreciate your patience and support as we continuously work to improve your experience.

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